What Is An Addiction Specialist And Why Do You Need One?

Do you know what an addiction specialist is? If you have a family member who suffers from addiction, it would be important to find out. An addiction specialist is someone who works with people who suffer from addictive behaviors. There are many different types of specialists, but for the most part, it is helpful to find one who specializes in your particular struggle. In order to understand what an addiction specialist is, you’ll need some background on the definition of addiction.

Addiction can be defined as a chronic brain disease. It involves drug or alcohol dependence and compulsive behavior. Addiction causes changes to the brain chemistry that make it very difficult for someone with such an illness to stop using alcohol and drugs even when they know they should. In this piece, we will explain what an addiction specialist is and why it would be beneficial to have one in your life.

What Is An Addiction Specialist And Why Do You Need One?

What Is An Addiction Specialist?

An addiction specialist is someone who has training in addictive behaviors. Such a person can be a substance abuse counselor, a therapist, or any number of other professionals. The American Society of Addiction Medicine has created guidelines for what to look for when looking for an addiction specialist.

One of the first things you’ll want to find out is how long the person has been in practice, what kind of training they’ve had, and their level of experience treating your particular issue. You’ll also want to find out their credentials, so you can be sure they have their specialty license in hand and that they’re not selling anything that isn’t covered under insurance. Looking for a specialist can save you a lot of time and aggravation. You’ll have someone who knows your unique issues and has been trained to treat them in a way that really works. This can help to overcome the stigma of seeking help for addiction.

Reasons Why You Need One

There are many reasons why you might need one.

  • He can help you avoid relapsing. If you are still using drugs or alcohol despite having a support system in place for recovery, you may want to get a specialist to help with the most difficult parts of abstaining from substances. He can help you make plans and stick with them, so you won’t relapse and end up back in the same place that got you started on the path of addiction in the first place.
  • He can help you cope with cravings. Everyone who has had substance addiction has experienced a craving for a drink or a drug at some point. When you have an addiction specialist, he can help you to manage your cravings so that you are better prepared to manage them if and when they happen again.
  • He can help you cope with negative emotions. For many people, the feelings that come up when they stop drinking or using drugs for a long period of time can be very difficult to handle. These emotions can lead to relapse if left unchecked. An addiction specialist can help you to deal with these issues in a productive way so that you will not end up back in the cycle of addiction.
  • He can help you get into treatment. Treatment is an essential part of overcoming addiction. It is a process that can be difficult to get started on. An addiction specialist can help you find the right treatment for you and get you into it so that your road to recovery will not be delayed.

Finally, you’ll want to make sure that the specialist you are looking at is not only well-trained but also licensed. There are specialties that do not require a license, but these are not good for you since they will not be able to see you or treat your addiction in a way that works. By understanding what a specialist is, you will be able to make a better-informed decision about how to seek help and get your life back on track. To get help in finding one, contact us at 772-266-5320.

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