What is it like to work in a drug rehab?

As you may be aware, drug rehab is a place where drug addicts are taken for rehabilitation, but have you visited any of such like facility to see how it is to work in drug rehab? Drug rehab is not your ordinary health care facility since it offers rehabilitation to drug addicts, often in the form of psychotherapeutic treatment. Every drug rehab is different from the other, but a typical working day for a nurse or a health officer is almost the same everywhere. Have you wanted to work in drug rehab but don’t know how it is like? Here we will help you get a clear picture by discussing a typical day in drug rehab.

Early Meetings

You will be expected to rise early in the morning to take your breakfast in drug rehab. Some programs can kick off with a word of prayer, while some will not. It all depends on what you have agreed as an organization or a team. Some will even have yoga programs just to make sure that the workers start the day in a positive state of mind. After this, there are meetings that help plan what needs to be done on a particular day.

The team leader uses this time to allocate duties and map out the day’s activities. Since the rehabilitation involves key steps that have to be followed to the letter, the team leader goes through the program and clarifies any issue that team members could be having. In most cases, the team leader will go through the 12-step program, explain it thoroughly, and then address any issue that people may be having. In such a controlled therapeutic environment, the importance of such meetings cannot be overemphasized.

Daily Therapies

The better part of the morning is spent on preparations, but the real work begins in earnest from noon. You will see nurses and other health officers busy with therapeutic sessions. The therapies include individual behavioral therapy, group therapy, specialized sessions, and family therapy. There will also be a team that will be dedicated to taking the drug addicts through the 12-step program. Individual behavioral therapy, also known as cognitive behavioral therapy, helps individuals change negative thought patterns. The health officers try to engage the drug addicts to identify the bad thoughts and replace them with more positive thoughts. In group therapy, the participants are allowed to share their experiences to allow them emotional healing.

There are also specialized sessions that are tailored to manage an individual’s anger, stress, or grief. Family therapy involves counseling their family members with the aim of helping them manage their distress and discuss ways in which they can help in the rehabilitation process. On the other hand, a 12-step program is a widely used method that helps identify the rehabilitation interventions that work bests for individual cases. It is an intensive process that a therapist has to follow to the letter for effect.

Time to Rest

There are times in between the sessions that you will be allowed to take a break. This is mostly in the afternoon to take your lunch and in the evening for dinner. During this time, you will not be barred from engaging in other activities like taking time to chat with your friends, playing basketball, or even soccer. Some people choose to just rest as they wait to resume work. You are allowed to do anything you want, provided it is done during the right time and is not irregular.

The break enables people to rejuvenate and avoid burnout. The length of the break can differ from hospital to hospital, depending on the rules. If you fall sick, many health facilities will have no problem giving you some time off. Therefore, many drug rehabs are not as bad as some people out there make them appear. Here is a place you can work and enjoy life just like any other job.

Overcoming drug addiction can be problematic, and it requires concerted efforts between the individual, family members, and professionals. We can help you overcome your addiction by using our tried and tested personalized psychotherapeutic treatments. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day. Call us on 772-266-5320 for more information.

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