What is Outpatient Alcohol Rehab?

Taking the first step by researching treatment programs for alcohol addiction is likely to introduce you to some new terms. Chances are that you are going to come across some outpatient treatment programs. In summary, outpatient treatment is one where you continue to live at home and attend the center for regular meetings.

All About Outpatient Rehab

Knowing the basics of outpatient treatment is important, but a closer examination will reveal whether this program is the right one for you. Learn more about the following topics to make a decision:

  • who should go to outpatient treatment
  • how outpatient treatment works
  • the types of outpatient treatment available
  • the benefits of outpatient treatment

Who Should Go to Outpatient Treatment

When you’re trying to determine the best type of treatment for your needs, speaking to your doctor and counselor is advisable. Outpatient treatment can be a suitable option for individuals who have responsibilities, such as children and a job, that they cannot leave behind. The extent of your addiction can also play a role in the type of treatment to get. For example, if you go weeks without drinking alcohol but then experience periods of extreme usage, attending outpatient treatment might work.

On the other hand, an individual who is consuming alcohol in large quantities every day could be a better candidate for an inpatient program. You might also choose to attend outpatient treatment after completing an inpatient program so that you can continue with rehab. Another factor to consider in choosing between outpatient and inpatient treatment is the type of support that you have at home. If your family is generally supportive of your desire to seek treatment and wants the best for you, an outpatient program can work well.

You won’t have to worry about your loved ones belittling you for seeking treatment when you return home from meetings. On the other hand, if your family or friends at home are critical and unsupportive of your decision to seek treatment, getting out of that environment and enrolling in inpatient treatment can be the best move.

How Outpatient Treatment Works

With outpatient treatment, you’ll attend regular meetings at a rehab facility or sponsored by a center. In other words, the center might hold meetings at other locations. Generally, you can find meetings available in or near your community so that you don’t need to travel far.

These meetings might be held on a weekly or more regular basis. Outpatient treatment can involve a number of the same strategies as inpatient treatment, such as individual counseling, art therapy and group discussions. You will likely be invited to share your story and get opportunities to interact with other clients.

The Types of Outpatient Treatment Available

If you are finishing up with inpatient treatment, you could choose to go to an outpatient program that is affiliated with that center. Otherwise, you can talk to your doctor or counseling about programs that are specific to your addiction. Choose a program that specifically deals with the type of addiction that you are experiencing. In other words, select an outpatient center that deals specifically with alcohol addiction. You can also look for outpatient facilities that are affiliated with a particular religion if doing so is of interest to you. Many people find inspiration from their faith when recovering from addiction.

The Benefits of Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment allows you to stay in your home, which is appealing to some people for a multitude of reasons. You may not want to leave your children, or you may have loving parents who consistently encourage your recovery. Outpatient treatment can also be a good way for you to learn how to balance recovery with your daily schedule. You can also find a tremendous amount of support from within your own community. Outpatient alcohol rehab is a program that many people choose for a variety of reasons. Now that you’ve learned more about what this type of treatment entails, you can go a step in further in deciding if you want to start an outpatient program. Call 772-266-5320 to talk about enrolling today.

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