What is the alcohol recovery timeline?

Alcohol addiction can creep up on you when you least expect it. It’s so easy to join others having a drink at a social gathering. Beer, wine, and other spirits are readily available everywhere you turn. You may have started out with a drink at dinner. Before you knew it, you were having another drink to help you sleep better. You knew your drinking was out of hand when you couldn’t get through an entire day without several drinks.

You want to get a handle on your problem. Your question is what is the alcohol recovery timeline? The first thing you need to remember is you are unique. Your journey away from alcohol addiction may be different from others. Never try to fit yourself into a box or become disappointed if you don’t meet expectations. Finding a treatment program that is right for you will help you to navigate what lies ahead as you take control of your addiction.

Knowing What to Expect in Alcohol Recovery Can Help You to Cope

Alcohol recovery is a process with ups and downs. It won’t happen overnight. You’ll have to go through the most challenging phases before you feel like you are in control again. Withdrawal is the first stage of overcoming your addiction. You’ll begin to feel the effects of being cut off from alcohol use within the first twenty-four hours. You can expect:

  • Headaches
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Feeling irritable
  • An overwhelming sense of anxiety

If you have been a heavy drinker, you may experience heart palpitations, a fever, and sweats. Your hands may tremble uncontrollably. Seizures and hallucinations affect those who have been drinking large amounts over an extended period of time. Withdrawal can last for five to eight days. Once you get through the physical effects brought on by alcohol dependency, it may feel like turning a corner. However, the work isn’t done yet. Your inability to sleep, exhaustion, and dramatic changes in your mood may be with you for months ahead. You need support during this difficult time.

You Don’t Have to Travel the Road to Alcohol Recovery Alone

Dealing with alcohol addiction is overwhelming. It’s far to easy to relapse and have another drink if you endure withdrawal by yourself. You need to surround yourself with compassionate professionals who can give you the care you need. Achieving alcohol recovery is going to be the fight of your life. Everyone needs a strong team to build them up when they feel weak.

Your alcohol recovery team will be with you every step of the way until you complete your program. You’ll even have someone you can reach out to at any time once you are on your own again. Entering a facility that focuses on alcohol recovery will allow you to focus on yourself. You need to leave your other responsibilities and worries at the door. It’s going to take all of your willpower to conquer the hold alcohol has on you. Removing yourself from a stressful environment is a good start.

Making sure you don’t have access to alcohol or negative influences is the next step. Allowing medical experts to help you will carry you the rest of the way. You’ll be evaluated the first day you come in for an initial meeting. Your team of therapists staff members want to know more about you. They want to understand your family history, if you have any other issues that could have opened the door to alcohol addiction, and how severe your addiction is. A personalized treatment plan will be created for you. You’ll have someone to talk to and lean on as you endure withdrawal. A trained therapist will be your guide as you figure out how you ended up where you are. The main goal is to take you to a life without alcohol addiction.

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