What Services Can You Find at the Recovery Center of Delaware?

The first visit to rehab can be quite intimidating when you have no idea what to expect. Even though you are eager to get help for your addiction, you are likely still nervous about what will happen once you walk through the doors. The best idea is to know what to expect before you get there. That way, you’ll already have a clear idea of what you will be doing during your stay. What services can you find at the recovery center of Delaware? Read on to learn how to be prepared for your upcoming visit.


The first part of the process will be the intake interview. This is where you will sit down and talk to the staff about why you are there. This is the part of your stay where your personal treatment plan will be developed, so make sure you are 100% honest about your drug and alcohol use. It’s also okay to come to rehab with drugs and alcohol in your system. The center will not expect you to be clean before you come in. The length of your stay may be a couple of weeks to a few months.


The detox process will start immediately after you get settled into your room as most patients are already suffering from withdrawals when they come into a rehab clinic. This will be the time for staff to take care of any needs you may have. Detox can be a very difficult process for many patients. Everyone will experience something different; for example, some will feel mild effects while others will feel severe effects. You’ll likely be given medication to keep the cravings away and minimize any discomfort you feel.

Dual Diagnosis

You may have other problems that will need to be addressed during rehab. If you are suffering from a mental health disorder, whether it has been diagnosed or not, you’ll want to make this clear to the staff. This is commonly known as a “dual diagnosis” in the rehab world. If you are dealing with anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, and a host of other mental health problems, you’ll be treated separately for them. This gives you the chance to fix your problems from the ground up.

Private Therapy for Addiction

Of course, you’ll have the chance to talk about your addiction to drugs or alcohol, both physically and mentally. You’ll always have one-on-one sessions with a private therapist who will help you look at the reasons why you have become an addict. This is the time to identify the things that trigger you to use and learn how to manage them in a more healthy way.

Therapy can happen in many ways during rehab, but behavioral therapy has been shown to be the most effective way to treat addiction. This type of therapy addresses the idea that your bad behaviors are learned and can be changed for the better.

Group Therapy

Group therapy sessions will happen frequently in rehab. Studies have shown that members of a group therapy session can benefit from the emotional support given to one another. Group therapy will assure patients that they are not alone and offers a safety net for patients who might be hesitant to talk about their needs and feelings. This type of therapy also helps patients develop critical socialization and communication skills that they can use when they have completed the program. A group therapy session will be run by one or more counselors.

Family Counseling

Family members are typically very affected by the behavior their loved ones exhibited while they were under the influence. Family counseling sessions allow all attendees to speak their minds in a safe, calm place. It will also help family members understand how they may have contributed to or enabled an addiction. While it depends on the rehab, many centers include the family members throughout most of the process.

Continued Care

Once the program is over, your therapist will help you find local aftercare services that will keep you on your sober path. This could include sober living facilities and AA meetings. It’s very important to continue treatment even after your stay in rehab is over.

We can help you every step of the way if you are unsure what to expect in rehab. Call us at 302-842-2390 now. We’ll explain the steps you will take when you decide to come to rehab. We know it’s a hard decision, so let us help you take the steps you need.

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