What Skills Do You Learn In Anger Management Class?

Everyone experiences anger from time to time. We find ourselves in life experiences that are less than pleasing—–relationships, struggles, and conflict cause this emotion to arise from time to time and force us to seek resolution. Everyone experiences anger; this is a normal and expected part of life. When anger becomes crippling or we indulge in self-destructive behaviors as a result of anger, that’s when we need to revisit our regulation of this emotion. Anger is healthy when it serves the following purposes:

  • When it encourages us to speak our truth
  • When it allows us to express personal power
  • When it becomes a moment of realization that relationships or situations are no longer working for us
  • When it encourages us to make positive life changes

Seeking healthy expression of anger is good for us, and it does serve a purpose at times. When we hurt ourselves or others, however, it is not a healthy emotion anymore, and it must be regulated.

Signs that anger management strategies are needed

If you find that the following signs and symptoms are present in your life, you may need to consider anger management. If you:

  • Explode at the slightest provocation in relationship conflict
  • Struggle with substance abuse or addiction as a means of controlling your anger
  • Refuse to speak to others after an argument
  • Engage in self-destructive or harmful behaviors that affect your health, life, and relationships
  • Struggle to create quality relationships

Consider taking an anger management class if you see any of these patterns emerging in your life. No matter what your level of difficulty with anger is, almost everyone can benefit from taking an anger management class. Not just for those who were court appointed, anger management therapy is now open for anyone who wants to benefit from it. This type of therapy will teach you valuable communication and coping skills that you will use to become more successful in life, relationships, and in your personal relationship with self.

What can I learn in anger management classes?

There are several beneficial things that anger management therapy will teach you. Uncovering difficult emotions and your core beliefs about life in general will open the door for some much needed healing. Here is what you can expect to learn while in anger management:

1. You will learn to identify your true feelings

A lot of the reason that anger surfaces in the first place is that you are not in touch with your true feelings, and this alone makes you angry and frustrated. Anger management classes will teach you how to identify and express your true feelings, and come to the realization that anger is, in fact, a secondary emotions that arises from lack of self-awareness and self-compassion.

2. You will learn how to come into your power without using anger

When people use anger to dominate and control others, they are attempting to manipulate a situation in ways that are not healthy for anyone involved. Knowing how to own and express one’s personal power without becoming angry is very significant, for it marks the beginning of a new chapter of living authentically. Look forward to what this feels like as you discover a new way of relating to the world around you.

3. You will learn how to appreciate and find gratitude for life

Quite often, learning how to shift your focus from things that make you angry to things that you can be grateful for will shift your mindset too. Gratitude and appreciation compound upon themselves; the more you can find to be grateful for, the more life will line up to give you experiences that make your life more satisfying and fulfilling.

4. You will learn how to stay no….and stick with it

Many people become angry because they simply don’t know how to say no to themselves and others when it comes to overextending on commitments and obligations to others. Learning to say no to others is saying yes to yourself; in taking care of yourself, you’re building up a reservoir so that you are able to help others as needed. When your bucket is full, you will feel less resentment and anger at life’s responsibilities that crop up from time to time, demanding your attention.

5. You will learn how to manage your thought process

What you say to yourself is a good predictor of how you will act in certain situations. If your self talk is negative and limiting, you will react in anger at those self-imposed limitations. If what you say to yourself is nurturing and positive, you will be less likely to react by exploding and relating to others in a negative way. Watch what you say to yourself—-it will end up being how you speak to and relate to others as well.

Time to master your life!

If you find yourself in need of an emotional tune up, perhaps some anger management therapy is in order for you. It is the perfect investment for those of us wanting to achieve the next level of emotional mastery—while anger will always be present in our lives, we don’t have to be controlled by it. If you are ready to get started on a path to more peace, give us a call today at 302-842-2390. Rediscover a return to joy in your life; get started on the path to a healthier life!

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