What’s A Good Gift For A Sober Alcoholic?

With holiday decorations lining the streets of our hometowns, it’s that time of year where we sit down and formulate a list of gifts to get our friends, family members and coworkers. But there comes a challenging question that catches us off guard: what kind of present do we get the person in our life recovering from alcohol abuse?

Unlike traditional options, post-alcoholism gifts need to tip-toe the line of thoughtfulness while encouraging them to remain sober for months and years to come. We won’t lie: this process can be challenging at best. That’s why we’ve eliminated all the guesswork and developed a curated list of items that are appropriate for former alcoholics.

Personalized Photo Albums

Although many alcoholics want to forget about their past and focus on their future, awe-inspiring moments from their lives that illustrated the beauty of sobriety are essential for post-recovery living.

Your goal is to find pictures and beautiful memories from their past that have deep-rooted meaning to the individual. In addition, writing personalized messages next to each image will encapsulate the memories and nostalgic experiences from yesteryear.

Massage Package

Whether you’ve gone through a rehabilitation center or you’ve been sober your entire life, there’s one thing we can all agree upon: nothing feels better than a massage after a long week at the office and running errands. Recovering addicts often feel scared to treat themselves to euphoric experiences for fear of relapsing or slipping back into destructive habit routines.

With a massage package from a local masseuse or masseur, you achieve two goals at once: you heal pain and inflammation locked deep within the muscle while experiencing a little slice of heaven.

Mountain Bike

When former addicts free themselves of the tight grip of substance abuse, they realize something odd: their day contains a plethora of valuable time to dedicate towards a hobby. Knowing this, encouraging positive behavior is critical to avoid self-destructive thoughts or interactions with unsavory individuals.

A mountain bike provides an outlet for former alcoholics to channel their newfound energy and schedule. Not only will the individual build a positive habit that keeps them away from alcohol, but it also improves their health and gives an all-natural euphoria that cannot be replicated with other substances. While running the risk of sounding like a broken record, here’s how mountain biking regularly can drastically improve your beloved’s life and well-being:

  • Improved cardiovascular efficiency
  • Elevated motivation
  • Fat loss
  • Unwavering focus
  • Immune function boost

Recovery Journal

Whether we’re overcoming an addiction to alcohol or trying to achieve a lifelong goal, one thing is true: it’s almost impossible to notice your progress in the midst of a transformation. With this in mind, it’s essential to catalog and archive all of our progress — positive and negative.

A way to achieve this goal is by gifting a high-quality journal to your friend who overcame alcohol abuse. This journal provides a medium to keep track of their successes and areas that need improving. And when they sit down and reflect on these points, they gain valuable insight to improve their situation and maintain sobriety.

Green Thumbs Unite

Although the two domains may seem unrelated, there’s an interesting link between maintaining a plant and remaining substance-free: it takes a daily commitment to achieve the desired outcome. With plants, it takes a daily commitment to watering, proper lighting, healthy soil and a clean environment conducive to growth and progress.

Sobriety, oddly enough, takes a similar commitment. Treatment facilities often encourage recoverees to focus on the upcoming twenty-four hours rather than the remainder of their lives. While most individuals agree they can keep their focus for a single day, thinking of the larger picture causes stress and anxiety to rise.

With a plant gift, the individual needs to provide nutrition, water, safety and maintenance to bear the fruits of their labor. In a way, this is a symbolic link that reminds them of the benefits of keeping their eyes on the prize and taking one day at a time.

Now’s your chance: utilize these gift ideas as a means of reigniting your beloved’s motivation to remain sober. These gifts illustrate how touching and beautiful life can be without the need for drugs and alcohol abuse. More importantly, building relationships and lifelong memories continue to benefit the individual, whereas drugs and alcohol cripple and destroy their lives. If you’re ready to start talking about recovery and the joy of living free of alcohol, reach out today and let us help you make the first step! Call us at 302-842-2390.

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