Which is better a 28 day rehab or 90 day rehab? How do I know which one to choose?

Inpatient rehabs provide a safe place for patients to heal, develop new coping mechanisms, and work on mental health issues. Rehab centers can be a scary place for people trying to get back into society. But these centers can provide support groups and therapy sessions that can help people with their mental and emotional recovery. While rehabs vary in what they offer, they have a lot in common, like counseling, behavioral therapy for addictions, and mental health services for mood disorders.

When starting rehab, it’s often hard to decide if a 28-day or 90-day program is better. On the one hand, a 28-day program is an intensive outpatient program that can last up to one and a half months. It’s a cheaper alternative to a 90-day plan, and it may be the right choice for people with little time, either due to work or other commitments. On the other hand, longer-term rehab is often more effective since a 90-day commitment offers distinct advantages. In these programs, patients take part in daily classes and group therapy sessions. Students are also educated in life skills, such as how to develop a positive mindset and how to manage stress.

How Rehab Can Help Patients Get Back on Their Feet

These facilities can help people recover from addictions and other mental health issues in the following ways:

  • They provide a safe place for patients to heal, develop new coping mechanisms, and work on mental health issues.
  • They provide extensive resources to prevent relapse in the future. By providing support groups and therapy sessions, rehab centers can help people find their way back into society without needing to fall back into old habits.
  • They provide emotional support to people going through a challenging time, such as a loss, a new job, or an accident.
  • They provide a variety of services to help people with substance abuse problems and mental health condition rebuild their self-esteem and personal life.

What Is a 28-Day Rehabilitation Treatment?

Inpatient rehab is highly effective in helping patients recover from addiction or mental illness. A 28-day program requires a lot of commitment from the patient. It takes place in a residential facility that gives patients the tools they need to live a sober lifestyle and helps them with their recovery process. It incorporates cognitive behavioral therapy, counseling, and 12-step meetings and helps those struggling with addiction get back on their feet by offering support and guidance.

A 28-day program offers the following benefits to an individual.

  • It helps them to overcome their addiction.
    It assists them in long-term sobriety.
    It offers addicts help from professionals in the field of addiction to help them overcome their addiction.
    It empowers those sent by their company to maintain their sobriety and remain employed.
    It prepares them for their next phase of life.

What is a 90-Day Drug Rehab?

People recovering from addiction can benefit from a 90-day drug rehab program in many more ways because they will have a longer time to experience a life-changing shift in their belief systems. These programs are growing in popularity because of their effectiveness, especially for those who failed outpatient rehab or 28-day programs. The treatment incorporates traditional rehabilitation with a strict physical, mental, and spiritual regimen.

A 90-day program offers the following benefits for an individual.

  • It provides more benefits than a 28-day program.
  • It helps patients receive treatment within a brief period with minimal costs.
  • It offers support and guidance from professionals who have been through the process themselves.

Which Type of Inpatient Rehab is Better Based on Your Needs and Goals?

An inpatient rehab program provides a variety of treatments and therapies to help patients recover from addictions or substance abuse disorders. The choice of rehab will depend on a person’s needs and goals, as well as what kind of treatment works best for them.

A 28-day program can provide those struggling with addiction with the guidance and support they need. This helps people rebuild their lives while giving them the time they need to heal. A 90-day program may be more beneficial for someone in need of extensive treatment; however, it is less intense than the shorter program and requires a longer time and money commitment.

Our Counselors will guide you through this complicated process of deciding between a 28-day or 90-day treatment designed to get you started on the road to recovery today in a supportive and encouraging environment. You can reach us by calling 302-842-2390.

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