Why Are So Many People Anxious About Seeking Treatment at a Florida Drug Rehabilitation Center?

The average person considers seeking drug addiction treatment many times before they actually enroll in a program. While it is normal to be nervous, it is also important to remember that every day that you wait to get help is another one lost to the need to use drugs. Doing anything new is often scary, but avoiding treatment can have serious consequences. Families and people dealing with addiction often wonder why are so many people anxious about seeking treatment at a Florida drug rehabilitation center. Knowing the answers to this question makes it easier to get over that hump and reach out for help.

Anxiety is normal in certain circumstances. You might feel anxious before you speak in public or meet someone new for the first time. Feeling nervous can even help you to avoid some potentially dangerous situations. That gut feeling that you experience often lets you know when you might be making a mistake. Anxiety becomes a problem when it stops you from doing the things that you need to do to stay happy and healthy. Learning how to overcome this feeling can help you feel better about going to a rehab center.

Understand the Relationship Between Drug Use and Anxiety

If you are currently using drugs, then it is possible that some of the anxiety you feel is because of how the chemicals impact your brain. It is common to feel anxious during the withdrawal stage of certain drugs. Depending upon what types of drugs you use, this could occur within minutes of you using them. Many substances also cause increased anxiety, which might make it harder for you to figure out if feeling nervous is natural or drug-induced.

Some people begin using drugs to ease the symptoms of an existing anxiety disorder. This could be true for you if you have experienced symptoms such as a racing heartbeat or excessive worry in the past. Look through these symptoms to see if any seem familiar. If they do, then you can find out if you have an anxiety disorder and get treatment for it in rehab.

•increased nervousness
•feelings of impending doom without a cause
•inability to focus on anything but your anxious thoughts
•digestive disruptions
•avoiding things that make your anxiety worse

Anxiety symptoms can be so severe that they stop you from being able to meet your daily responsibilities or enjoy your favorite activities. They can also come and go or be constantly present. Talking to a counselor can help you figure out the best ways to treat these symptoms without needing to use drugs.

Take Steps to Ease Your Anxiety

In some cases, your anxiety might be more about the fear of the unknown. Going to rehab often means traveling to a new place where you won’t be surrounded by your familiar family and friends. Although this might seem isolating, the truth is that most people find it helpful for breaking bad habits. Your time in rehab is meant to be an opportunity to focus on yourself for a while. Being able to work on getting sober in a stress-free environment makes you stronger so that you can handle life’s challenges when you go home. Don’t worry. You’ll still be able to visit with your loved ones. If they live nearby, you can even involve your family members in your counseling sessions. Knowing that you’ll still be surrounded by support can make going to a Florida drug rehabilitation center less scary.

You can also start easing your fear of the unknown right now. Check out the rehab’s website to get an idea of what the residential setting looks like. You can also read about the program and ask questions about what a typical day is like there. As you learn more, you’ll start to relax about the idea of going some place new.

Get Support for Your Anxiety At a Florida Drug Rehab

Once you get over the initial hump that anxiety presents, you can rest assured that you’ll be supported through the next steps of getting sober. Immediately upon entering rehab, you are given an assessment and tour of the facility to help you start feeling right at home. You’ll meet the other residents, who have all gone through similar challenges with choosing to come to the treatment program.

A large part of drug treatment is designed to help people learn to manage their anxiety. Are you ready to start asking questions that let you know that you’ve found the right place? Give us a call today at 772-266-5320! We can’t wait to ease your mind and help you feel good about your decision to get sober.

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