Why Do Teenagers Drink Alone?

Teenagers are often seen as being less than responsible. It can lead to a general assumption that teenagers do not make good decisions, or even worse, don’t care about their actions’ consequences on themselves and others. Most teenagers are not drunkards, contrary to popular belief. However, many teenagers are seen drinking alcohol away from the public eye, which can be particularly concerning. These are some of the reasons why teenagers drink alone.

It’s A Secret

Teenagers may be unsure of where they are allowed to drink. If a teenager is drinking in a pub, they may be asked to leave by the staff and then will feel embarrassed or anxious about their actions. A teenage drinker often likes to be a good person, and drinking in a public place is not living up to their reputation. Teenagers are likely to feel ashamed about their actions and will only want to drink in secret.

Unable To Find Someone To Drink With

Teenagers are usually very social but may find it difficult to go up to a person and ask them if they would like a drink. They fear rejection and judgment. To them, it’s safe to drink in secret, where no one can see them and judge them for their actions. If a teenager does not know anyone else who will want to drink with them, they may feel the need to drink alone.

They Want To Do It That Way

Some teenagers think they are being clever by drinking alone, but they are doing it because it’s easier that way. Frequently, when a teenager doesn’t have a responsible adult at home, they take advantage of their freedoms by sneaking to drink. If a teenager is asked why they drink alone, they will usually say, “because I want to.”


Teens often drink because they want to experiment and see what it feels like to be drunk. Drinking alone can make some teens feel more comfortable in this situation. If a teen is drinking with friends, it can take too long to get drunk. They may need to drink alone if they want the feeling of being intoxicated that fast. Most times, they want to feel the excitement and the danger.

Alcohol Is Banned

Many parents ban their teenagers from drinking alcohol as soon as they reach a certain age, especially if it is illegal in the teenager’s country. It can lead teenagers to feel isolated, rejected, and misunderstood by their parents. Drinking alone can prove that they can take care of themselves.

They’re Bored

Teenagers can be bored with their lives and may only experience something from the excitement of drinking alone. For many teenagers drinking alcohol can provide a way for them to relieve boredom and get excited again. They do this away from the prying eyes of their parents and friends.

To Rebel Against Authority

Many teenagers show their rebellion by drinking alcohol and may not like the taste of alcohol. They may see it as just a way of rebelling against authority and not actually drinking alcohol because they like the feeling. They enjoy doing something that their parents disapprove of.

Alcohol Is Readily Available

Teenagers have access to alcohol either by sneaking out or being given it by a friend. It may lead to drinking alcohol in secret because they feel pressured to drink it and not be found out. Also, when there is alcohol in the house, it can be difficult for some teenagers to resist its temptation.

Alcohol Helps Them Relax

Teenagers may drink alcohol to relax and forget their problems for a while. They may be worried about keeping their grades up, fitting in at school, and all the other things that teens deal with. They drink to escape all the pressure of their everyday life. In conclusion, there are many reasons why teenagers drink alone instead of drinking with friends or family. It is important to understand the reasoning behind their actions and respond sensitively to them.

Teenagers need good parents to teach them that drinking alcohol is safe in moderation, not to be dabbled with, and that alcohol isn’t a crutch. It’s a fun beverage exploring all your senses. Parents need to talk about what their children do and how they feel. If you are concerned about your teenager’s behavior, you should discuss it with them. Don’t feel ashamed about talking about their drinking, and make sure that one of you does not condemn this behavior if the other does not. To get professional help for your teenager, call 302-842-2390.

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