Will a Delray Rehab Admit Two of My Children?

It’s difficult for parents of addicts. You’re mad, frustrated, confused, and upset that your kids are using drugs or alcohol. Mostly, you’re scared for them. If you have been searching for a Delray rehab for your kids, they must be on board with the idea of rehab. To get clean, an addict must be ready to make the choice to become sober on their own. However, as a parent, you can help the process along by finding a great rehab for them to get into whenever they are ready to make that choice.

If you have two children struggling with addiction, you’re probably wondering if a Delray rehab will admit both of them together. Read on to learn what you can expect from a Delray rehab.

Deciding What to Do

Everyone needs to come together and speak to a rehab representative before making the choice. If both of your children get along well, it may be a good idea for them to go into rehab together. They will be able to give one another the support that they need during this difficult time if they are already close. Talk with a representative together to find out whether or not they think this is a good idea.

While many siblings do well together in rehab, others may not. If your two children do not get along well, then you won’t want them to attend rehab together. Your children need a place where they can set aside the problems of family life to work on becoming clean and sober. If being together in the same place causes problems and fights, then this hinders the whole progress.

Make sure everyone is on the same page before your kids go to rehab together. Ultimately, they should be the ones to make the decision. If one sibling isn’t happy being with the other during their program, they should do it alone. However, if both are on board with being together, a Delray rehab will likely have no problem letting them come in together.

Inpatient or Outpatient?

If your children would rather attend rehab separately, you may want to consider different rehab centers. One easy way to separate them is to consider outpatient services. Since outpatient rehab works around the schedules of their patients, you can easily manage the needs of both of your kids. For example, one child can go during the daytime while another goes at night, or you can set up separate days for them to attend.

If your children are heavily addicted to drugs or alcohol, then it may be better for them to attend an inpatient clinic for round-the-clock help. If they go together, the faculty may decide to keep them apart so they have their own space. Each of your children needs to have the opportunity to focus on themselves while they are in rehab. If they are in the same facility together, the staff may still want them to stay separate from one another.

Family Therapy

One excellent perk of siblings attending rehab together is the fact that they can attend family therapy sessions easily with one another. After they have each gone through detox and have started working with therapists, the rehab will likely begin to implement family therapy sessions into the mix. Family therapy is the first step to mending broken relationships that typically occur when one member of the family is an addict. If both of your children suffer from addiction, family therapy is even more important.

Aftercare Services

The Delray rehab will set up aftercare services for your kids to attend after they have completed the program. If they are comfortable with it, your children may wish to attend these sessions together. This could include NA or AA meetings or additional therapy sessions. The rehab may also recommend that your children stay in a sober living facility as an extra safety measure. They may or may not be sent to the same home, depending on several factors.

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