Will a Heroin Detox Near Me Help Me Get Treatment Even if I’m Unemployed?

In the wake of the recently declared pandemic, many Americans have been left jobless. With no source of income, getting heroin addiction treatment can be the impossible dream. Accepting that you need substance addiction treatment is a milestone on its own, but what happens when you cannot afford to enroll for treatment? Finances and the ability to pay for treatment has often been categorized as a significant barrier among people in need of professional addiction treatment.

What are your options when you need to get your life back on track, but you are unemployed? Don’t worry, there are many options geared at assisting you, who feels that you need to go through heroin detox in a treatment facility near you despite being unemployed.

Look out for rehab scholarships

With the steadily increasing number of substance addicts mainly due to the pressure building up around rising unemployment rates, some mindful non-profit making organizations offer scholarships. Just like you could apply for grants to take you through college for free, you can do the same with heroin detox and treatment. Today, many philanthropists award money to people who genuinely need professional addiction treatment but can’t afford it for various reasons such as disabilities and unemployment.

Consider exploring such options around your neighborhood and applying to see if you qualify for rehab scholarships. You may also be required to attend a personal interview and prove that you need help, but you have no means to pay for it.

Apply for state-assisted insurance

Learn more about low-cost insurance options that assist individuals from low-income households, the elderly, disabled, or simply unemployed. Medicaid and Medicare options are ideal spots to begin your search for the right solutions. So, which of these two low-cost solutions should you apply?

  • Medicaid- established in 1965, the insurance cover was designed to step in for those with a meager income. Being unemployed makes you an ideal candidate for Medicaid. It’s important to approach the authorities to confirm if you qualify for Medicaid insurance to cover for your heroin detox treatment. On the other hand, ensure that your treatment facility accepts Medicaid as a payment option.
  • Medicare- also established in 1965, it provides insurance for the elderly and the disabled. Most people who lie under this category are often unemployed, which makes Medicare an essential aspect of their lives. Explore these two insurance options to see where you best fit. This might just be your ultimate option.

Getting treatment with COBRA

COBRA, also referred to as the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act, is designed to cover medical expenses among individuals who have recently lost their jobs. If you were previously covered by your employer’s health insurance and unfortunately lost your employment status, you could come to an understanding with your employer about offering you a special continuation on your health coverage.

Normally, you will have about sixty days to decide if you would like to continue with your health coverage and inform your previous employer on the decision. This will help you access heroin detox treatment and give you a second chance to turn your life around.

Explore your financing options

Many rehab facilities are open to discussing payment plans for heroin detox and treatment. You probably have a few savings that could help you push through for professional treatment. Don’t be afraid to use that when your health and sanity is on the line. Consider asking close friends and family for help through fundraising to fetch the money required to get you through treatment. Approach your prospective rehab facility and discuss a preferable payment plan that allows you to pay for treatment in installments. You could also suggest making arrangements to pay for treatment after recovery and finding a job.

Moreover, certain financial institutions now consider lending out money for mental and medical expenses. They offer grace periods on loans where you will get treatment and repay them later after getting well and seeking employment.

Above are some viable options to explore when seeking treatment for heroin addiction. Just because you have no source of income or you were recently declared unemployed doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. Rehab is never out of the question as long as you are willing to stick to treatment and get better.

Are you looking for a reputable heroin detox and treatment rehab that can help you get better and turn your life around? Call us today at 302-842-2390 to talk to us and find out more about professional heroin treatment. We are the help you have been looking for.

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