Will Detox in Florida Get Rid of All the Drug in Your Body?

A medically supervised detox is structured to support your physical body through the most severe physical withdrawal symptoms of detox. Because detox can be fatal, getting admitted for a supervised and supported detox increases your chance of moving forward in the healthiest way. It won’t be easy, but it will be much safer than trying to detox at home on your own or with the help of an untrained person. Will detox in Florida get rid of all the drug in your body? Officially, the answer is: It depends.

Depending on the drugs in your system and the primary addictive substance in your history, you may end up trading a very dangerous drug for a less addictive drug. If you’ve been using heroin, you may be given suboxone or methadone to move away from the more dangerous product. Will the heroin and possible contaminants be out of your system? Yes. Will all the opiates be out of your system? Not for a while.

Detox Is Just the First Step

Addiction is an extremely complex disease. Detox is important, as the discomfort of detox can be so difficult that it makes it impossible to start the recovery process. However, getting through detox is just the first step. Once you survive the process of getting the drugs out of your system, you will still need help addressing

  • any physical damage done by the drug
  • underlying psychological concerns
  • family damage

You will need to determine the best way for you to move forward. Once you’ve been through detox, you may struggle with anxiety or depression. Managing these conditions may take drug therapies, private counseling or group help. If you have a family history of addiction, you may well have a genetic predisposition to needing the drug. Addiction also damages family structures from the ground up, and addressing these may take family or group counseling to better understand the harm and nature of addiction as it impacts

  • the addict
  • children in the household
  • co-depending adults

Addiction seldom happens in a vacuum. Even if you’ve been able to hide drug and alcohol use, it has impacted your personality. It may have made you unreliable, emotionally unavailable, or dangerous. You may need to reach out to make new connections if the damage has broken any relationships.

Long-Term Impact

Your initial detox can be life-threatening. Even if you never use again, a history of drug abuse may have done damage to your body long-term. Getting through detox and going through a treatment program are critical steps to rebuilding your life, but understanding the physical healing you may have to undergo and the physical trauma you may have to live with are critically important. This damage can include

  • liver damage
  • stomach and digestive tract challenges
  • dental problems

Healing, recovery and moving forward effectively will require you to accept your physical health challenges post-detox. Making sure that your family members are onboard with this is only fair; they need to know that factors up to and including a shortened life expectancy are now on your horizon. This may bring people closer to you; it may push others away. Be prepared to be completely honest about these challenges.

Self-Acceptance and Community

A supervised detox and quality treatment program are critical to understanding the cultural shame you may have placed upon yourself. We live in a culture that tells us we can be anything that we want to be. You may feel that needing to undergo a supervised detox and treatment or rehab makes you a weak or failed person. This thought process is quite toxic. Detoxing from shame is critical to your healing, your family healing and your ability to connect in community. We can help, call now 772-266-5320.

You can find support and community, from supervised detox through in-patient or out-patient treatment. Addiction isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s a disease. Your addiction may be connected to a family history of shame, an untreated mental illness or physical challenges that leave you in constant pain. You deserve the support necessary to fully detox from drugs of any format.

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