Will I Be Kicked Out of a Treatment Program if I Relapse?

You have fought your addiction for a long time. It’s been like climbing a mountain with no peak in sight. You’ve slipped down to the bottom so many times you don’t think you have the strength to try again. You know that you’re not going to win this fight by yourself, but you’re afraid. If you take a leap of faith to go into a treatment program, will they kick you out if you relapse?

Walking into a treatment facility and admitting you have an addiction takes a great deal of courage. Breaking the chains of substance abuse takes even more nerve. It isn’t easy to change a habit that has become ingrained. Drugs and alcohol cause chemical changes in your brain. They create a dependency that is physical, emotional, and mental. It’s normal to struggle with conquering the source of your addiction. Fear of relapse is common as well. Don’t let it stop you from asking for professional help.

You Won’t be Turned Away from Treatment After a Relapse

Addiction treatment professionals understand your doubts and fears. They recognize the challenges of recovery. They know that relapse is a potential risk. That doesn’t mean they will ask you to leave. They will be monitoring you closely, looking for signs that you may be at risk of returning to your addiction. They include:

  • Saying you felt better when you were still using drugs or alcohol
  • Saying you think you can control your substance use in the future
  • Avoiding interactions with others in your treatment facility
  • Experiencing mood swings, including anger and depression

Your team of addiction specialists will be supporting you throughout the recovery process.

Your Recovery Team is Ready to Catch You When You Fall

Recovering from addiction could be two steps forward and three steps back. You can expect bumps along the way. There will be times when you feel strong enough to take on the world. There will be other moments when you are ready to fall apart. The main thing you need to remember is your addiction facility, staff, and fellow clients are all working toward a brighter future. Everyone wants to see you succeed in your fight against the source of your addiction.

Substance Abuse Recovery Takes Time

It took time for you to fall into substance abuse. Be patient with yourself as you work your way to a sober life. When you begin treatment, you can expect:

  • A personal consultation
  • An assessment of your addiction and health
  • Forming a plan of action designed to fit you

The length of your treatment will depend on your needs. During that time, you will be given the tools and support you need to conquer substance abuse.

What Happens During Addiction Treatment?

You must begin the addiction recovery process with detox. This is the stage when you will be completely cut off from the source of your addiction. Medical professionals will support you during the withdrawal process. You will meet regularly with a counselor to focus on your addiction, how you can avoid a relapse, and effective coping strategies once you are released.

What Happens if You Have a Relapse After You are Released?

Your addiction recovery team will not abandon you if you run into trouble. If you turn to the source of your addiction after completing treatment, you need to get in touch with your counselor. You may be advised to return for inpatient treatment or outpatient sessions could give you the support you need to get back on the path to sober living.

Recovery doesn’t end the day you leave your addiction treatment program. It’s a lifelong process. You will always need to be conscious of your triggers, remove yourself from negative situations, and strive to be healthy. Remember that there are many resources available to help you to stay strong. Attend support group meetings. Talk to a mentor anytime you feel a relapse is possible. Contact your counselor when you feel the need. Don’t isolate yourself. Surround yourself with family and friends who are here to help you.

We understand the tug of war inside of you brought on by addiction. Let us help you to win this battle. Contact our recovery representatives today at 772-266-5320. We are here seven days a week, night and day. If you are ready to begin your recovery, we can help.

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