Will Insurance Pay For Drug Rehab In Delaware?

Escaping addiction might feel like a far-fetched dream. When gauging between seeking drug addiction treatment, and reliving the nightmare of sinking deeper into the jaws of addiction, getting treatment seems like a better deal. However, it comes at a cost. But how are you going to collect all the funds required to take you through treatment at a go, as the rehab instructs? This will take you to explore another viable option; insurance.

Just before you conclude that you have made a breakthrough, you will probably ask yourself, “Does insurance cover drug rehab in Delaware?” This piece will address a few more subsets under this question, including how it works paying for rehab with insurance, and what to expect.

Does insurance pay for rehab?

A simple and precise answer to this is “yes.” Many insurance policies include mental health and substance abuse treatment expenses as part of their coverage. Nonetheless, a few variables will play a part in determining how much the insurance cover will cough out to settle your bills at the rehab facility. You may be forced to settle a part of the treatment bills as your insurer strives to settle their end of the deal. It’s therefore important to confirm whether your insurer covers drug rehab treatment and if yes, how much?

What exactly does insurance cover when you are in drug rehab?
Various insurance policies vary depending on your insurance plan. Fortunately, most health insurance providers will cover a reasonable portion of the treatment expenses. If you want to confirm whether you qualify for coverage at a rehab facility, you might want to approach your insurer and clear the details directly. Your insurer will explain what services your plan covers, whether there’s a need for co-payment, and how long they are willing to cover your expenses.

What options are you looking at?

Private insurance

Private insurers solely operate independently and have their own set of rules and regulations. The government doesn’t subsidize private insurance. However, the government may subject its services to include mental health and substance addiction treatment services.

On average, private insurance is relatively pricier compared to public insurance. On the positive side, private insurance provides many options that may fund the best treatment plans in Delaware. With private insurance, you can choose from a large pool of drug rehab centers. Private insurance covers a huge amount of your expenses in many cases, making you spent little or no out-of-pocket expenses. You might want to confirm with your private insurer if your plan covers the kind of treatment plan you want to choose.

Public insurance

If you are either under insured or uninsured, and you can’t afford private insurance, you might want to explore public insurance options. Once you qualify for coverage, check to see what kind of treatments the insurance covers. When talking about public insurance, there are two main options: Medicare and Medicaid. These low-cost insurance policies are state-funded to equip individuals from low-income earning backgrounds with the power to access health care services.

While both Medicaid and Medicare cover substance abuse treatment, some treatment facilities might not accept the insurance options as modes of payment. However, most rehab facilities that are entirely or partially subsidized by the government will be willing to accept Medicaid and Medicare covers. You might want to inquire from your prospective rehab facility if they accept these two low-cost insurance options before signing up for treatment.

Group insurance

Most group insurance packages cover for mental and substance abuse treatment expenses. Mainly targeted at employees, you might want to clarify if your group insurance policy includes psychological health benefits. Don’t be shy to take advantage of these benefits out of fear of losing your job. You might be surprised at how much your employer would be willing to support your journey to sobriety.

What if you aren’t sure about your insurance coverage?

Scheduling an appointment with your health insurance company would be the best way to learn about your chosen plan. Inquire about what your plan covers. Ask whether you can change your plan to accommodate more benefits when seeking treatment from drug rehab. You might also want to confirm how much you would be expected to pay from your pocket once you are in treatment.

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