Will Rehab Centers in DE Give You the Tools You Need to Confront Your Unhappiness?

When you are ready to confront your drug or alcohol addiction, a rehab center will be your next best step. You’ll get the help you so desperately need from the get-go, from medically-supervised detox programs to therapy sessions to the necessary outpatient services when you are through. However, you may be wondering what you will deal with while you are there. One question you may be asking yourself is whether a rehab center will help you confront and control the unhappy feelings you have been having. Read on to learn what rehab can do for you.

Drug Abuse and Depression

You may be battling some type of depressive disorder that could lead to or be a symptom of your drug or alcohol abuse. When you use drugs or alcohol, you will often trigger certain depression symptoms, such as sadness and lethargy. On the other hand, you may turn to alcohol or drugs because you are feeling sad, depressed, or lonely. In this way, substance and alcohol abuse and depression often feed into one another in a vicious cycle.

While every single person on the planet has a bad day now and again, depression is a real mental health disorder that millions of people suffer from. Clinical depression can lead to self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and even suicide. If you are suffering from any type of depression or are unhappy a lot of the time, your drug use can exacerbate your feelings.

Rehab Can Help

You could be experiencing various signs of depression that could be a cause of, or contribute to, your substance or alcohol abuse. If you have five or more of these symptoms daily, you could be battling depression

• Anxiety
• Crying spells
• Feeling sad or hopeless
• Feelings of guilt or worthlessness
• Weight loss or gain
• Sleeping more than normal or not enough
• Low energy
• Aches in the body
• General irritability
• Suicidal ideation or attempts
• Loss of interest in regular activities or hobbies

When you are admitted into rehab, the first step will be the intake process. This is the part of your journey where you will talk to therapists and medical staff about your needs. If you are using drugs or alcohol up until the time you are admitted, let the staff know. They can set you up with a medically-monitored detox right then and there. You will be made comfortable as the substances leave your body for good. Once you are physically able to join, you will be given therapy sessions that will help you get to the root of your problem.

Dual Diagnosis in Rehab

A dual diagnosis that includes some type of depressive disorder is one of the more common forms that rehabs treat. A dual diagnosis is a combination of an addiction and a mental disorder. For example, a patient may have been diagnosed with severe depression and substance abuse or PTSD and alcohol abuse. When you have a dual diagnosis in rehab, you will be given help for every problem, not just the addiction. By enrolling in a treatment program you can get to the root of your problem so that you can create a better life for yourself in the future.

Your therapist or counselor will set you up with private counseling sessions while you are a patient. They will help give you the tools you need to battle your depression and unhappiness once you leave the facility.

After Rehab is Completed

Your sobriety is our number one goal from day one. Once you leave the facility with the tools you need to combat your unhappiness, you will need to continue some sort of therapy. Your therapist can help you find an outpatient center that will help you as much as you need once you are back to your normal daily activities. If you do not feel comfortable returning to your home, you may think about getting into a halfway house first. This transitional period will help you slowly integrate yourself back into normal, everyday life.

You may also consider joining a local Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous group if they are available in your area. Ask your doctor, nurse, or therapist if they can recommend a nearby group. You can also search for a group near you on your own.

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