Will You Meet Other Addicts in a Private Addiction Treatment Program?

The phrase “private addiction treatment” may be misleading to some, because it implies a completely isolated situation. While one on one therapy is one aspect of private addiction treatment, that’s not what the phrase generally means. When people talk about private rehab, they’re simply implying that the facility is privately-owned versus state-run facilities. The phrase isn’t meant to define the types of treatment clients will receive.

There are many different addiction treatment centers in a given community, each one offering a different range of services. Some private treatment centers may charge more than others, and the facilities you consider may be based partly on your own budget. While the therapy offered is essentially the same at every center, facilities that charge more typically offer more services. There are usually more amenities available at premium facilities, as well. When choosing between private addiction treatment centers, affordability should be weighed against the services offered at each facility. The highest cost doesn’t always guarantee the best quality of service.

Choosing the Right Private Rehab Facility

If you attended college, you may remember reviewing pamphlets and brochures for each school. Only after comparing the amenities and sizing up what each school offered for the tuition they charged did you begin narrowing down your search. Ultimately, you may have ended up submitting applications to just a handful of schools. There is a similar process involved in choosing an addiction treatment program.

What should you look for in a treatment facility? There are some services that you want to ensure the facility you choose offers. These services may be considered basic or essential at some facilities, while other facilities simply don’t have the resources to offer these services. A fully comprehensive addiction recovery plan will offer you your best chances for a sustainable recovery. In particular, you should look for facilities that offer:

  • Medicated detox services
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Inpatient and outpatient options
  • Sober living options for your post-treatment care

Your Privacy is Always Protected

While you may be disappointed to learn that a private addiction treatment program doesn’t mean you will be the only recovering addict in rehab, you can rest assured that your privacy will be respected. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA for short) guarantees the privacy of rehab patients, as well as those in more traditional healthcare facilities. Simply, divulging your personal information, including your name, to outside parties can result in the facility staff member losing their job. They will also have their license revoked as a result. The facility itself will face hefty penalties for just one incident, and those penalties increase with additional violations.

Every addiction treatment facility takes client privacy very seriously. For this reason, it’s common to find rules against bringing electronic devices into the facility. Devices equipped with cameras, video recorders, and webcams can be used to violate the privacy of the other recovering addicts in the facility, so the simple solution is to prohibit the presence of these devices. This helps ensure the identities of the recovering addicts and their statements made in group therapy sessions are all kept confidential.

One on One Counseling is Always Available

Peer group support meetings are essential to the recovery process and treatment facilities encourage supportive friendships to develop. Even so, there are some addiction-related issues that must be discussed in a more private forum. For this reason, you will likely participate in one on one counseling sessions with a therapist on a regular basis throughout your treatment. You may discuss the triggers that caused you to use, and you will probably talk about how your addiction affected your relationships.

If you suffer from mental health issues in addition to your addiction, you may also see a therapist to deal with these problems. Talking privately with your therapist will help you work through these issues while giving your therapist an opportunity to evaluate your progress. Private therapy sessions will also help your therapist determine what treatments will best help you in your recovery. If there are things you need to discuss, but you don’t feel comfortable sharing them in the group, private counseling sessions provide a more ideal environment.

To learn more about your treatment options, please feel free to contact us 24 hours a day. Calling us at 772-266-5320 will connect you with one of our counselors, so you can learn more about the recovery process. Together, we can get you started on the best addiction recovery program for your situation.

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