Does ADHD Make It Easier or Harder To Avoid Relapsing?

Were you the type of child who your teachers adored but became frustrated with when they couldn’t captivate your attention? Moreover, did you find yourself struggling to sit still, focusing on small details or maintaining an organized living space as you transitioned into adulthood? If so, you may be well aware of how challenging life with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can be when you’re struggling to stay sober.

ADHD is a neurological issue that prevents people from all walks of life from focusing on mundane tasks, regulating their energy output and keeping a consistent schedule. When we combine the negative effects of ADHD with someone who struggles with substance abuse, the patient may feel like they’re fighting a losing battle. If you are one of these people, don’t give up hope. Here’s how you can harness your superpower and transition into sobriety with ease.

Avoid Self-Sabotage and Negative Comments

As individuals who deal with ADHD daily, we often feel like we’re walking around with a chip on our shoulders. Common tasks such as showing up on time, sitting still and maintaining our energy become a 40-hour-per-week job. Do any of these symptoms sound familiar to you?

  • Trouble remembering small details
  • Chronic tardiness
  • Ticks such as tapping feet, popping fingers, clicking tongue or fidgeting
  • Overactive thinking
  • Unable to finish school and work-related assignments
  • Career hopping and spotty work history
  • Substance abuse
  • Frequent daydreaming
  • Extreme focus for days on end only to crash and burn

Let’s be honest for a second: Every human on the planet will inevitably experience these side effects at some point. What differentiates an ADHD patient and a non-ADHD patient is the frequency in which these symptoms arise. If you’re spending hours out of the day in distracted thought and action, ADHD is the crux of the issue. The first step to reverse the iron grip that attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has on your lifestyle is through forgiving yourself. When you become gentle with your behavior instead of punishing yourself, you can catch ADHD before becoming distracted and veering off course. Over time, this will slowly unravel the chains.

Embrace Routine

ADHD individuals and substance-abuse patients can thrive when they learn to embrace routine and positive habits performed regularly. While patients may associate a strict routine as being overbearing or controlling, it provides them with the freedom and strength to conquer their addictions and distractibility. Here are a few ideas and strategies to get yourself started:

  • Wake up and go to bed at the same time
  • Routinely consume healthy foods
  • Drink a specified amount of water each day
  • Maintain a regimented exercise routine
  • Use calendar applications and journals to log an hour-by-hour schedule
  • Plan and designate specified moments throughout the day to relax intentionally

These steps will allow you to harness your superpower and become a better version of yourself daily. Remember that ADHD is not a curse but a beautiful gift that allows you to think differently than the rest of the world.

Express Your Creativity

While in treatment, use ADHD to your advantage by crafting breathtaking art, beautiful music, captivating short stories and creative endeavors. Your unique mind is not limited to the confined space of your rehabilitation facility, so run wild! Not only will this allow you to express your ADHD energy, but it will assist you with maintaining sobriety in the months and years to come. Although becoming sober while dealing with ADHD is by no means easy, it becomes enjoyable when you understand the power of your mind!

If you are ready to conquer your ADHD and substance abuse in the near future, now is the best time to get started. Our intelligent and friendly staff know how to help patients transition into a sober lifestyle while navigating the adventurous road of ADHD. If you are tired of settling for second-best and falling short on your goals of becoming sober, allow us to give you the tools and strategies for success in the short and long-term future. We are looking forward to understanding your unique circumstances and get you back on the right track! Call us at 772-266-5320.

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