What are the Best Insurances to Pay for Drug Rehab?

The cost of rehab is expensive, especially if you are settling it out of pocket. A study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMSHA) accounted for over $250 billion in the treatment of substance use disorder and mental disease in 2020. Insurance companies providing health insurance are the primary way to pay for substance abuse treatment.

You can go to your doctor’s office and ask for drug rehab coverage if you have a health insurance plan. Many insurance companies will offer a discount on the cost of substance abuse treatment if it is obtained through their company’s healthcare provider. Some companies also provide more affordable payment plans. It is important to note that some policies will pay for drug rehab but not mental health treatment. Here are the best insurances that will cater to the rehabilitation costs.

Medicaid and Medicare

These are federal programs that provide healthcare to low-income individuals. The program also covers the costs of rehab and mental health treatment. Medicare covers inpatient rehab center stays if you have been diagnosed with an alcohol or drug addiction or dependence by an approved provider within your Medicare network (typically your primary care doctor). Suppose you can pay for your stay at an approved facility or have private insurance covering it. In that case, Medicare will reimburse you only after the facility has submitted its charges, which can be up to 60 days after your stay.

The good news is that Medicare pays up to 100% of inpatient rehab stays if you meet specific criteria, such as being in a Medicare-approved skilled nursing facility, a hospital, or an inpatient rehab center for substance abuse. Medicaid is a government-funded program that covers many drug and alcohol treatment costs. Depending on state laws, Medicaid will cover all or part of your rehab stay. Still, many private insurance companies cover at least some portion of the cost, and in many cases, you get to choose which provider you want to see. Currently, 33 states require Medicaid to pay for certain addiction treatment services not covered by private insurance plans, like substance abuse counseling.

Private Insurance Plans

Most private insurance plans provide coverage of medical services as long as they are provided by providers within their network or network providers who their insurance company has approved. However, suppose drugs are used in conjunction with treatment. In that case, these plans may not cover it because they consider it a form of self-medication rather than medical care provided by approved facilities or providers within their networks. Also, note that some policies will not cover treatment at an approved facility if you are deemed unable to pay for the services. If you do not belong to this type of plan, ask about coverage from your employer or private insurance carrier. This is because many policies cover drug rehab and mental health treatments if a provider provides them in the network or by an out-of-network provider their insurance company has approved.

The Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

Anthem does not provide many of the benefits that other insurance carriers do. They will cover treatment for alcoholism and substance abuse. However, this plan does not cover mental health services.


Cigna is a health insurance provider that recently made amendments to its health policies to cover the cost of rehab. The insurance covers the cost of treatment programs like Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

The American Family Insurance

American Family Insurance covers the cost of alcoholism or drug addiction treatment for all of its members enrolled in the plan. It does not cover the cost of recovery programs or services, but it does cover treatment administered by a doctor or other licensed medical practitioner.

Group Health Cooperative

Group Health Cooperative provides coverage for some mental health services, including inpatient and outpatient care and some substance abuse treatment benefits. They also offer a comprehensive package of medical and dental services through a network of providers who accept their insurance plan. Many insurance companies have added mental health and substance abuse coverage to their plans. If your health insurance provider has not added mental health or substance abuse coverage to their plans, ask them about adding these benefits to your plan. Call us at 772-266-5320.

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