We don’t want to be different, we want to be successful

Our Mission

Essentials mission is to renew lives impacted by addiction through personalized and complete behavioral healthcare. Our main purpose is to provide services and education to the client and family that will support long lasting recovery of mind, body, and spirit.

kindness and compassion

Our Philosophy

At Essentials we are aware of the complexity of addiction. We understand every person is unique and we tailor our treatment plan to each person’s specific needs. Our goal is to bring our clients to long lasting recovery and the joy it offers. Essentials prides itself in treating every single person with respect, kindness and compassion.

compassionate, yet, strong

Our Difference

We can use the same terminology that other treatment centers use, such as we provide evidenced-based methods of treating alcoholism and drug addiction —or therapeutic interventions, our holistic approach and using historically proven modern modalities…. which we do all of these. But what it really comes down to is a remarkable staff. Our highly trained staff have either firsthand experience with addiction or have had a loved one struggle with addiction. When you have walked in your clients’ shoes, perspective is remarkably different. At Essentials Recovery we pride ourselves on our unique qualities that make us effective and compassionate, yet, strong. Our enthusiastic team is dedicated to treating our clients as part of our family. We understand that there are complex circumstances with each client and their addiction. We promise to treat every client as an individual and do our very best at all times.

Courage To Change

A lot of treatment programs will throw out new phrases, terms and modalities to look like they are different and to attract your attention. We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel; we want to offer everything we can to assist every individual on their path to recovery. Your treatment plan and goals will be as individual as you are.

Essentials prides itself in treating every single person with respect, kindness and compassion