Can Telehealth Be Done for Substance Abuse Treatment?

People from all walks of life may desire to raise their health and wellness levels, but life gets in the way of keeping habits and appointments. Enter the bustling telehealth industry, to help people check-in with doctors and receive coaching at their optimal places and times. Telehealth is especially exciting for substance abuse treatment because it makes rehab services and addiction programs more accessible than ever.

The telehealth model allows people to meet with health and wellness experts when in-person meetings are impossible or unwise. Doctors and hospitals have been using this model for years to consult, monitor homebound patients and advise outpatients. Now you can use personalized telehealth programs to end substance abuse and avoid relapse.

Telehealth Expands Addiction Treatment Options, Affordably

Most treatment centers require stays of 30-90 days. Unfortunately, people who can’t just disappear from their lives for that long stay addicted long after they want to stop. If you want to end substance abuse but must keep up work and obligations, progressive programs mix powerful in-person programming with remote components that work around clients’ schedules.

Telehealth for substance abuse treatment does not require you to evacuate your life. You will definitely need a superior support system to eliminate bad habits, influences and people. If you have that support system and a reliable internet or phone connection, then telehealth can change your life in these ways:

  • You have access to licensed substance abuse counselors who meet around your work schedule and family obligations, for less likelihood you will skip or cancel sessions.
  • Addiction counselors and social workers become your personal accountability partners via video, phone or text to help manage your drug and alcohol cravings.
  • Videoconferencing allows doctors and nurses to check your appearance, mood and general health during withdrawal stages.
  • Your new post-addiction life includes motivating online therapy appointments, support groups and even physical training workouts.

Flexibility, Affordability and Individuality to Conquer Addiction

Some people must retreat from the world and into medical assistance to detox. Others take a break from addictions while in rehab, but relapse the minute this supportive time ends. Too many people can’t afford to leave work or pay for professional treatment.

The range of devices, methods and practitioners telehealth offers guarantees you find options for your schedule, budget and technical abilities. You also leap over long waiting lists for free or nonprofit programs and high-demand private centers.

Telehealth Requires Deep Commitment

When addicts enter outpatient and inpatient programs, staff and facility restrictions protect them from drug or alcohol use. Remote telehealth options do not provide these measures many substance abusers do need. Given the freedom telehealth treatment offers, you need a superior degree of commitment for it to work for you.

Now is time to draw on your deep inner strength and people resources more than you ever have. Tell everyone in your life, including bosses and co-workers if you feel comfortable, your addiction treatment plans including telehealth. Explore combining an inpatient rehab, outpatient center or sober house with telehealth as a supplement and long-term tool.

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