Do Sober Living Houses Have Strict Visitation Policies?

If you are new to recovery and just getting out of rehab, you might want to consider the steps you can take to protect your newfound sobriety. After all the hard work you have gone through to arrest your drug/alcohol addiction, you don’t want to relapse and have to do it all over again. Of all the available aftercare options you have at your disposal, spending time in a sober living home might be your best option. For decades, sober living homes have been serving people in recovery. It helps them buy additional time for healing before they go back to their original lives and try to navigate living as a sober person.

This transitional period could serve you well as you relearn how to live life again on life’s terms. Before you decide on sober living, you need to research the concept and invest time trying to find the right sober living home. The right home would be the one that offers the services and amenities that you want and need. You also want it to be a place where you feel comfortable and safe. After all, you could be living in this house for several months before heading home. The rest of the focus of this discussion is going to center what sober living is all about. You must know what to expect before you walk in the doors of a home.

About Sober Living

A sober living home is more than a safe-haven for people in recovery. It’s a place where former addiction sufferers can learn how to navigate day to day life without having to hide behind drugs or alcohol. What goes on in sober living homes is a training process. Residents get the opportunity to build structure and discipline into their lives. It’s this structure and discipline that’s going to protect them when they feel vulnerable to a relapse.

That’s one of the reasons why people need to stay in sober living for as long as it takes to build their discipline and confidence. At this point, you might be anticipating what’s coming next. Sober living is all about the rules. When a group of strangers come together to live in one place, there have to be strict rules in place to control the environment of the home. This is especially important when the residents are people who are trying to recover from an addiction and a host of other problems in their lives. Here is a list of the most important rules most sober living homes put into place:

  • Zero tolerance for unauthorized drug or alcohol use
  • Must be willing to submit to random drug testing with zero tolerance for a fail
  • Everyone’s behavior is expected to be responsible and respectful
  • Residents must pay monthly rent on time
  • Residents must handle assigned chores
  • Members will need to participate in multiple weekly 12 Step meetings or counseling sessions, sometimes both
  • Residents must refrain from sexual fraternization with other residents and staff member

Let’s look at a few other concerns you might have.

Do Sober Living Houses Have Strict Visitation Policies?

While some sober living homes will provide space for family and friends to visit, many sober living homes prefer there not be a lot of extra traffic coming from visitors to the house. With residents coming and going regularly, it’s very difficult to monitor who belongs in the house and who doesn’t.

How Will I Know It’s Time to Go Home?

These are a couple of ways you will get confirmation you are ready to go home. First, the residence manager will be keeping an eye on your progress. As your attitude and behaviors improve, they will give you additional freedoms and responsibilities. They will help you determine when it’s time to go.

The second confirmation will come from within you. When you feel strong and confident enough to fight your triggers and temptation, it’s time. No matter what you decide, you do not have to fight this good fight on your own. For more information about sober living and our addiction treatment services, you can call us at 772-266-5320.

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