How Can I Face Recovery if I’m Afraid of Facing What’s Inside My Head?

Are you searching for answers because you are afraid of the future? Has addiction taken such a hold over you that you are scared of the next step? Trust us when we say this- you are not alone. Recovery can be difficult. There is no arguing that fact! But the benefits of becoming clean far outweigh being addicted to a substance or alcohol.

You may be asking yourself this question- how can I face recovery if I’m afraid of facing what’s inside my head? There is no clear cut answer to this question, but we CAN tell you that it can be done. Face recovery surrounded by a caring staff in our rehab, and learn more about yourself than you thought possible.

Committing to Change

Remember, addiction is not a sign of weakness, nor is it a character flaw. Overcoming the problem will take a good amount of willpower and patience. Your brain has been rewired by drugs or alcohol. You likely crave them every day. It may seem like sobriety is a goal you will never reach! But no matter how hopeless a situation is or how many times you have attempted rehab before, recovery is a possibility. You can change once you decide that it is time!

When you commit to sobriety, you also commit to changing a lot of things in your life. These include:

• How you deal with stressful situations
• The people you allow in your life
• How much money you spend on drugs
• Your downtime and how you use it
• The mental image you have of yourself

It’s completely normal to be conflicted about having to give up your addiction. Giving it up means changing the way you act and think. Your mental state will change along with your physical state. Recovery does require a lot of time, patience, support, and motivation. You may be afraid to face what is inside your head, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Committing to Therapy in and out of Rehab

Did you start using drugs or alcohol as a way to cope with stress or trauma? If the answer is yes, you are certainly in the majority. Using substances to mask feelings of pain, hurt, embarrassment, and heartbreak isn’t unusual. Soon, you start using drugs even when you are feeling fine. It may even become difficult to differentiate between your feelings.

When you are faced with recovery, you are also faced with the fact that you will be losing your crutch. You know that once you can’t use anymore, you’ll have to face your past trauma or issues head-on. This is why therapy is so important to recovery. Open up to your therapist or counselor about your trauma or emotional state. Don’t leave anything out! They are here to help you. Your therapist will talk with you about various coping methods you can use to deal with stress.

Think About the Upcoming Change

It’s easy to fall back on drinking or drug use when you feel unsure of your mental state. If this is your concern, think positively about the upcoming change and what it will mean to your mental state. Remember, facing your fears is a good thing, scary as it is. You can also:

• List all of the pros of quitting
• Look at how addiction has ruined relationships in your life, if any
• Consider who will be rooting for you to change
• Look at the important things and people in your life, such as your job, spouse, or kids
• Think of how good things will be when you are free of addiction

Find the Support You Need

Before you commit to rehab, make sure you have a good support system in place. Once you are in rehab, open up to counselors. Participate in group therapy. Don’t be scared to make a connection. The more support you have all around you, the better you will feel about recovery. Before you leave rehab, set up aftercare services. You may wish to check into a local halfway house before going home for good to help keep you on track. You should also have a list of additional therapy services available, such a NA or AA. Use them. Remember, you are not alone. Recovery is a process that takes a long time, but you got this!

We understand how hard recovery can be. Let our reliable rehab take over and give you the help you need. Call or stop by to learn more. You can reach us at 772-266-5320.

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