How Do You Pay for Alcohol Rehab in Delaware?

The overall costs of alcohol rehab in Delaware depend greatly on the unique and specific needs of each individual patient. Fortunately, there are options for alcohol rehab treatment that are affordable for individuals of all economic backgrounds. The costs of treatment for alcohol addiction will differ among treatment centers. Each rehab center offers different services, which may lower the cost or raise the cost of treatment. Some treatment programs may be free of cost, while others may cost over one thousand dollars a day. Keep in mind that no matter your economic status, there is an alcohol rehab treatment center that is accessible to you.

Available Options for Paying for Alcohol Rehab

There are several methods in which individuals pay alcohol rehab treatment centers. The most common method is using its insurance provider to cover the costs. The amount that an insurance provider is willing to cover depends on the specific coverage plan of an individual. Specific insurance providers that may cover the costs of alcohol rehab and treatment include:

  • Military insurance
  • Medicare
  • Medicaid
  • Private insurance
  • State-financed health insurance

If you do not have insurance, there are still ways in which you can pay for treatment for alcohol abuse. Many programs offer financing, monthly payments, or long-term payments. There are also alcohol rehab programs that are free or reduced cost for individuals who fall into a lower income bracket. Financing alcohol rehab treatment is often more common due to the waiting lists and limited funding that low-cost or free treatment programs have. Most people do not want to finance their treatment because they do not want to incur further debt. Keep in mind that alcohol rehab and treatment is an investment and it will pay off over time. Completing treatment and remaining sober allows individuals to maintain their career, finances, and life overall. Individuals who are sober and in recovery typically are more inclined to save more money due to the fact that they are not spending money on alcohol every day.

Types of Alcohol Rehab Treatments and Associated Costs

The type of care you choose to receive will ultimately affect the overall costs of your treatment. There are also other specific factors that will affect the cost of alcohol rehab including medical care, housing, amenities, and other associated treatments. Individuals who enter alcohol rehab often have to go through detox during the first stage of treatment. The costs of outpatient detox range from approximately one thousand dollars to two thousand dollars. Inpatient alcohol rehab centers typically include the cost of detox in the overall price of their program. Detox from alcohol is more dangerous than detoxing from other substances, which makes it more expensive. Detox from alcohol requires increased monitoring and medical treatment from doctors, which raises the overall cost. The medications that are necessary to treat alcohol abuse usually raise the price of treatment as well. These medications are expensive and if not covered by insurance can cost up to several thousand dollars within a year.

Inpatient rehabilitation centers for alcohol abuse typically charge approximately six thousand dollars for a program that lasts for thirty days. More exclusive treatment centers charge approximately twenty thousand dollars for thirty days. Individuals who need long-term inpatient treatment for sixty or ninety days may end up paying approximately twelve thousand dollars up to sixty thousand dollars, depending on the treatment center they choose. Outpatient programs are meant for individuals with milder to moderate alcohol addiction. Outpatient programs typically cost much less than inpatient rehab. These types of programs often cost approximately five thousand dollars for a treatment program lasting three months. There are more expensive and exclusive outpatient alcohol abuse treatment programs that cost up to ten thousand dollars for three months of treatment. The cost of outpatient treatment often depends on how many visits the individual requires each week and the level of intensity of treatment they need to recover and attain sobriety.

Overall, the costs of rehab are not as expensive as alcohol addiction. Individuals who are addicted to alcohol typically have issues financially as they are unable to maintain their motivation to work. They also spend most of their money on alcohol, which can become expensive over time. Recovery, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, gaining motivation, and being productive is worth the costs of alcohol rehabilitation. If you or a loved one would like more information regarding alcohol rehab and how to pay for treatment, please contact us at 302-842-2390.

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