How Long Does a Typical Outpatient Rehab Program Last in Florida?

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can be absolutely crippling as it controls your life. However, once you come to acknowledge that you need help, you are one step closer to regaining a clean and sober lifestyle. Florida is one of the best states for doing help when you have substance use disorder. One of your options is outpatient rehab treatment. If you are considering this route, you will want to know how long you can expect your care to take. This should serve as a guide to the typical outpatient rehab program in Florida and how long it lasts.

What Is Outpatient Rehab Addiction Treatment?

When you consider entering a Florida rehab facility to have outpatient addiction treatment, it’s important to know what it means and what it entails. Outpatient rehab is the type of addiction treatment a person attends for substance use disorder to drugs or alcohol that allows them to continue living at home. This gives them the opportunity to continue tending to their daily responsibilities at home, such as caring for children or an elderly parent. Meanwhile, the individual visits the rehab facility to undergo their treatment for several hours each day throughout the week. Outpatient treatment programs are not as intensive as inpatient programs, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t effective for certain people. If you have a more recent addiction or one that’s milder in nature, outpatient treatment is probably the best option for you. Programs are also more spaced out because you are not living at the facility on a 24/7 basis. This allows you to get more comprehensive treatment that and learn valuable tools that you can use well into the future to retain your sobriety.

What Are the Different Types of Outpatient Treatment Available?

Florida outpatient rehab centers offer different types of treatment. Outpatient programs may vary depending on your specific needs based on your overall health, whether you suffer from dual diagnosis and have a co-occurring mental health disorder and other factors. The following outpatient treatment options are available to you:

Partial hospitalization programs: Partial hospitalization (PHP) is a minor step down from inpatient rehab treatment and involves staying in a hospital setting to do your addiction treatment anywhere from five to seven days per week for seven or eight hours per day. This type of outpatient treatment is more intensive and appropriate for individuals who are struggling with more serious substance use disorder or who have dual diagnosis. You get a higher level of support with partial hospitalization and more intensive therapy sessions

. • Intensive outpatient treatment: Intensive outpatient treatment programs (IOP) can help you if you are dealing with substance use disorder involving drugs or alcohol but have other obligations at home or work that you can’t abandon for a period of 30, 60 or 90 days. Typically, you go to the rehab facility for around four days per week and eventually drop down to three days a week as you make progress with your treatment.

Outpatient treatment: Outpatient treatment programs (OP) are more flexible than the other options. With this type of program, you visit the facility two or three days per week for three to four hours at a time. You can continue caring for family at home and going to work. These programs are best suited for individuals who have milder, short-term addictions.

How Long Does an Outpatient Rehab Treatment Program Last?

Everyone is different, which means that the exact length of time one person stays in an outpatient rehab treatment program may not be the same for you. Generally, your treatment program is personalized to fit your needs based on all the factors involving your case. However, many Florida rehab facilities offer short-term, medium-term and long-term rehab treatment programs. As a result of these choices, you can stay in the program for as long as you need to receive the appropriate level of care for you. You can also transition from one length program to another as your situation changes and your progress through your rehab. Ready to get started? Call us today at 772-266-5320 so we can help you find the best Florida treatment center.

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