How Long Is a Rehab Program in a Delaware Treatment Center?

Addiction has single-handedly ruined the lives of so many people across the globe, and sadly this phenomenon doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. But, if you have made it to this point, you know that there is still hope for not only you but also for the lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of. So, hold on tight to that glimmer of faith because you can definitely turn your life around for good, and with the help of a reputable recovery center in Delaware, your journey to lasting sobriety can turn out to be a smooth one.

Now that you have decided to seek treatment at a rehabilitation center, congratulations are in order. But before you pack your bags, I am sure that you have a few lingering questions, especially regarding the length of your treatment. While you might assume that there is a simple answer to this question, there are actually a few elements at play. Typically, recovery centers will offer programs of various lengths, giving patients the opportunity to choose the one that will be the most beneficial for their individual circumstances. This ensures that everyone who completes the program will be set for success. So, here is what you need to know about the available program lengths and how to pinpoint the best one to fit your needs.

The Four Basic Treatment Options

At the end of the day, you have the final say about how long you will stay in rehab. No one can force you to stay longer, and though not advised, you can always end your program early. With that information out of the way, there are four basic treatment options offered by most facilities: a 30-day program, a 60-day program, a 90-day program, and various extended programs.

If you don’t have a lot of time to commit to the cause, you might have your sights set on a 30-day program. But, bear in mind that if your condition is severe, a month of treatment might not be enough. However, it is long enough to take care of the detox portion and provide you with an arsenal of tools to ward off relapse. A 60-day program is ideal for those who know that their addiction cannot be overcome in a month’s time and will need an extra 30 days to receive counseling and to develop healthier habits to ward off the temptation of substance abuse in the future.

If you choose a 90-day program, your chances of relapse decrease exponentially as longer treatments garner the most satisfying results. On this route, you will have a full three months to do away with your addiction, time that will be spent detoxing, receiving counseling, and refining any bad habits or beliefs that led to substance abuse.

What to Do When You Need More Treatment

Everyone’s journey to sobriety looks different, and you might be among the group of people who reach the end of their program, only to find out that they are in need of further assistance. This is a common case, and there is nothing to feel bad about if you find yourself in this predicament. In fact, this is why the extended program option was created and continues to be a godsend for so many people around the world.

You can also customize how long you will take part in your choice of aftercare programs, whether that be weeks, months, or years. The length of treatment, in this case, will ultimately come down to how comfortable you feel about going out into the world on your own without succumbing to substance abuse. Your recovery center might offer an alumni program that provides continuous support and puts you in contact with others who are on the same path as you. The concept is similar to the treatment that you would receive at other aftercare programs, such as the 12-step program, both group and individual addiction counseling sessions, and specialized recovery meetings.

Sober living homes are another helpful alternative. These types of communities are perfect for those who are in need of a safe, drug and alcohol-free place to dwell after they leave their respective recovery center. Offering a wide variety of supportive services, facilitators help their residents find employment, acquire lifestyle skills, and become equipped to re-enter society with a more empowered mindset.

Alcohol and substance abuse is pretty common in the great state of Delaware, but that doesn’t mean that you have to continue to be a statistic. A promising life that is full of both happiness and sobriety awaits you. Contact us today at 302-842-2390, and allow us to serve you as you embark on this life-changing journey.

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