How Many Alcohol Classes Do You Usually Have to Take for a DUI?

Hopefully, the answer is none that you don’t have to take any alcohol classes for a DUI. However, we know that life happens and we all make mistakes that we regret later. The consequences of DUI convictions are becoming more severe. For example, in the States of Virginia and West Virginia, a third DUI offense is considered a felony and then a mandatory ignition interlock device is installed in your car to prevent further driving. Measures such as these have had a positive effect on DUI accidents. In fact, since 1982 DUI fatalities have decreased nationwide by 48% and the trend is continuing.

Similarly, if you are facing drugs or alcohol addiction, you can also reduce their negative effects on your life by seeking help from your family, friends, and professional addiction therapy. With proper treatment, you can prevent needing hospitalization, arrests, and even fatalities by seeking help in time. And If you live within the east coast of the US especially the area of the 11 Northeast states such as Delaware, Rhode Island, New York, Maryland, Washington D.C., and so on, you can attend substance abuse treatment centers close to your home. Of course, if you are from other areas of the US, we will not turn you away. It’s just that for convenience’s sake most addiction patients from the West attend treatment centers in California.

What exactly are DUI classes in Northeastern States like Delaware?

Delaware’s example of DUI classes are divided into first-time offenders (FOPs) and repeat offenders. For instance, First time DUI offenders are evaluated by official agents of Delaware’s Office of Highway Safety to administer the DUI Evaluation and Referral Program or (DERP). The results of the DERP program will refer you either to DUI courses or a treatment agency for addiction and or alcoholism. Additionally, DUI courses must be paid by the offender with their driver’s license suspended or have an ignition interlock device installed for four months.

Most FOP offenders are required to take the 16 hour DUI course and repeat offenders are required to take the 24 hour DUI course. If you happen to injure someone during your DUI, you are also required to take a one hour victim impact panel. As aforementioned, you will have to pay for these courses out-of-pocket. Again, these courses are based on the DERP evaluation and if you are screened as a substance abuser you will be referred to a substance treatment program to aid in your recovery.

What happens if you are referred to a substance abuse treatment center?

For the State of Delaware, if your DERP evaluation indicates a drug or alcohol addiction rehab center, then you can decide how you will be treated. Drugs and alcohol rehab centers range from outreach programs to residential facilities. Here is a list of the most prevalent treatments:

  • Outpatient detox
  • Outpatient drug and alcohol recovery
  • Inpatient hospital detox
  • Inpatient rehab

Likewise, the Northeastern States such as Delaware have their own treatment programs and centers for drugs and alcohol recovery. You might want to research which type of program you need to aid in your therapy. For instance, you can start by googling addicted for further information on drug and alcohol abuse.

Using your health insurance provider to aid in addiction recovery

Health insurance providers do cover substance abuse centers in their insurance policies. You can inquire as to the rehab specifics from your insurance agent or from over the phone or Internet. In addition to insurance providers, there are also State run treatment programs as well as rehab non-profits all dedicated to drug and alcohol recovery.

Rehab Centers also provide their own financing as well a military insurance. Medicare, Medicare, and the National Health Market Place or Obama Care also can help defray the costs of your substance abuse treatments. As you know, your annual income determines your eligibility for these government-sponsored health programs.

The road to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is very difficult however, you are not alone. Since alcohol addiction is the leading behavioral disease in the USA, there are many support groups, treatments, and rehabilitation centers to assist in your recovery. Substance abuse is treatable and there are many financial support options for those seeking relief. We are one such rehab center treating patients in the State of Delaware and surrounding areas, You can take the first step to recovery and call one of our confiding counselors today at 302-842-2390.

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