How Much Does a 90 Day Rehab Cost?

Substance abuse plagues millions of people. Many never discover that there is hope. They endure their addiction, overwhelmed with feelings of hopelessness. It can be agonizing. However, there is a solution. That solution is found in recovery. Recovery begins with various types of treatment.

There are different types of treatment models that have proven successful. One popular treatment program involves a commitment to a 90-day rehab. However, most addiction rehab facilities are not free. So, how much does a 90-day rehab cost? Let’s explore a few variables involved in making this important life decision.

Addiction Treatment Basics

To help you make an informed decision about 90-day rehab costs, let’s touch on a few addiction treatment basics. The first consideration is the difference between outpatient and inpatient programs. Outpatient is exactly that.

You will live at your home, or possibly in a sober living facility, while you attend outpatient treatment counseling and group sessions. Outpatient treatment lengths vary. Frequently, you will finish an inpatient program and segue directly in an outpatient phase.

Inpatient treatment programs are residential facilities. Two common timeframes for inpatient treatment programs are 30 and 90-days. There are longer programs available. For our discussion on cost considerations, let’s explore a 90-day inpatient rehab program.

90-Day Drug Rehab Cost Considerations

The next two characteristics that you will consider when selecting an inpatient treatment program is the difference between low-cost and private residential facilities. The vast majority of low-cost facilities are government funded.

There are state-funded facilities that are free, if you qualify. In these circumstances, keep in mind the theory that “you often get what you pay for.” This does not insinuate that state-funded low-cost facilities are bad.

They simply cannot afford to offer the same level of comfort and diversity as private treatment facilities. Let’s narrow down our choices using more specific criteria. A 90-day treatment program, offered at a private residential treatment center, will have a cost dependent on a few variables.

There are luxury 90-day treatment facilities that can cost as much as $20,000. These recovery centers usually have private living quarters, plus an extensive list of activities and amenities. Do not mistakenly envision such a treatment center to be a country club.

Despite the wealth of activities and amenities, the primary goal of an expensive treatment program is the same as a free program. You are there to begin building a foundation for life, a foundation in which you successfully live clean and sober.

The majority of residential treatment facilities fall into a broad category. Each 90-day program will have a number of similarities. Each facility will provide relatively comfortable living accommodations. You may or may not have a private room.

However, unlike state-funded facilities, there will not be multiple clients placed in larger living quarters. Private treatment centers will invariably offer a higher level of privacy and comfort. There will also be engaging activities at these treatment centers.

Most low-cost facilities can only afford to provide basic activities, if any. Private facilities often incorporate group activities such as art, music and exercise into your treatment plan. The level of activities and extra features usually translates to the difference in cost.

A basic private residential treatment program will cost between $3,000 and $5,000. This will include your temporary living arrangements, plus the cost of licensed personal counselors and multiple group activities. Frequently, transportation needs are also available when necessary.

90-Day Rehab Activities

Since the range of prices required for various private 90-day treatment programs varies, here’s a quick list of a few things that could be available for your consideration. Not all treatment centers offer the same activities and amenities, but this is a list of a few common perks.

  • Dining facilities
  • Fitness center
  • Creative therapy such as art, music, or dance therapy
  • Recreational opportunities
  • Individual duplexes with private kitchens
  • Outside transportation
  • Meeting rooms for larger recovery fellowship groups
  • Opportunities to participate in activities in the local community
  • Access to recovery literature and study libraries

These are just a few items that should be available to some degree at a private residential treatment facility. It can be extremely beneficial to have access to some of these perks, especially during a full 90-day program.

If you feel stuck in a maddening spiral of addiction, please understand there is hope. That hope begins with the first step you must take to change. You must pick up the phone and ask for help. It may seem like a terribly difficult thing to do.

Once you reach a kind and compassionate recovery specialist, you will immediately begin a new and exciting chapter of your life. Don’t wait until tomorrow to make that call for help, because tomorrow might be too late. Reach out for help today to start your journey in recovery. Call us at 772-266-5320.

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