How to Get Alcohol or Drug Rehab Without Insurance?

For many people in the United States, the chance of attending drug or alcohol rehab is just a dream. That’s because health insurance isn’t a guarantee throughout the country, and most people simply do not have the extra cash to put towards an extended rehab stay. It’s a very unfortunate problem that way too many people have to face. However, there are still ways you will be able to go to rehab when you don’t have insurance. If you need more information on what you can do to get the help that you need to attend rehab, please read on.

Check Your Policy Again

Many people who do have health insurance automatically figure that their policy won’t cover alcohol or drug rehab services. This is not always true! Many policies cover various treatment plans. Some cover residential stays up to a certain time period while others cover outpatient services. Any coverage is better than nothing, so talk to a representative today to find out more.

State-Funded Facilities

When you simply have no insurance at all, start looking into state-funded rehab facilities. These types of centers are provided an allotment every year from the state that enables patients with no insurance to take advantage of their services. When you check into a state-funded rehab center you’ll be able to take advantage of most or all of the programs, from detox to therapy to other support options. Check online or call around to find the nearest state-run facility near you.

Faith-Based Facilities

Another option to consider when you don’t have insurance is to look for a faith-based rehab facility. Many Christian-based centers are run by various churches and religious organizations. Other religions may also offer some types of drug and alcohol rehab programs that you will be eligible for. Again, look online or call around to local churches to see what you can find out.

Community-Outreach Programs

You may find various community-outreach programs in your area that will help you attend drug or alcohol rehab. While some are faith-based, not all of them are. However, they are all willing to help you get the detox and therapy services you need, even when you can’t pay for them on your own.

Community Health Clinics

Check with your local hospitals, community health facilities, and health clinics in your area to see if they offer any assistance with rehab. For example, the United Way and many other organizations often provide no-insurance programs for individuals who need help with addiction.

Grants and Scholarships

Look into the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, or SAMHSA, when you need help with rehab costs. Through their organization, you may be able to apply for grants that will cover some or all of the costs. You can also look into scholarships from local and national organizations that will provide monetary assistance for rehab.

Loans and Refinancing

There is always the chance of receiving a loan from a local bank or credit union when you need help. Depending on your credit history and assets, your bank may provide you with a personal loan that can be used for rehab. If you own your home or property, look into refinancing to get the assistance you need. It’s often easy to get enough of a loan to cover all costs associated with rehab.

Sliding Scale Coverage

Many rehabs offer patients treatment on a sliding scale. This means they will look at your income and assets and base your payments on what you bring in every month. Of course, you will still have to cover whatever costs they do come up with, but it makes the amount much less when you are not bringing in much income.

Additional Options

Remember, it’s always possible to find help for rehab when you take the time to look. Some rehab centers will help you find scholarships, grants, and loans while others will even allow you to finance your stay through their private plans. Family and friends may even be an option if they are willing to loan you the money.

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