How to Pay for Rehab With No Insurance

If you or someone you love is battling addiction, you know the toll that addiction takes on a person’s mental, emotional, and physical well-being. You also know that even with the best intentions, it is almost impossible for a person to break free from addiction on their own. People need help and support from trained, experienced professionals to walk them through the steps that lead to sobriety. One of the biggest things that keep people away from rehab centers and getting the care they need is that they just can’t afford it. Even a 30-day treatment program can set you back thousands of dollars. However, not having money and not having insurance should not prevent you or those you love from getting the care they need. Read on to see some options that might be able to help you pay for rehab.

Can You Use Free Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs?

If you need drug or alcohol rehabilitation and have limited resources or no insurance, there are state-funded rehab facilities that might be an option for you. Local and state-funded drug rehabilitation centers are paid for with tax dollars. The government pays these programs to provide drug and alcohol rehab services to people who could not afford treatment on their own. You will have to research the treatment options offered in your state. Many state-funded programs get their funding through grants from the federal government, money set aside in the state budget, and Medicaid reimbursements. However, you have to prepare to jump through a few hoops.

This is because government-funded programs have stringent qualifications and requirements. You have to prove that you don’t have insurance, you don’t have any income, you reside in the state where you are applying for help, and that you are a US resident. Don’t let these requirements dissuade you. It’s worth the effort to take the steps needed to break free from the grips of addiction. Start by contacting state or local mental health agencies. They can point you in the right direction and show you where to find the right rehabilitation care for your situation.

Rehabilitation Through the Salvation Army

Did you know that the Salvation Army offers free drug and rehabilitation services? They’ve been doing this for more than a century as part of their effort to provide social, emotional, and spiritual assistance for people struggling with drugs and alcohol.

But What If There Is No Free Treatment Options Available?

If free treatment is not an option where you live, there is still hope. Some of the options to consider if you currently have no money or can’t afford to fund your rehabilitation treatment include: • Fundraising • Grants and scholarships • Financing


Fundraising could be using a crowdsourcing website to explain your situation and get the funds you need. It can also be selling personal items that might be of value to others. It could feel uncomfortable or embarrassing to ask people you don’t know for money to cover your rehabilitation. However, when compared to your physical and mental health, a small amount of embarrassment or feeling uncomfortable is nothing. When you are on the other side of treatment and living your best life, you will be happy that you were willing to do whatever it took to get you there.

Grants and Scholarships

The Center for Substance Abuse Prevention offers noncompetitive grants that you can use to fund your drug and alcohol addiction rehab treatment. You have to meet certain qualifications, such as not having insurance coverage and not having the financial means to pay. Take the time to read the application requirements before applying for the grant to improve your chances of getting approved.


Financing is a great option if you need immediate treatment. If you’re battling addiction, it can be hard to keep a job or save money. Financing lets you get the full amount you need to pay for treatment and creates a repayment plan based on your budget that starts after completing treatment. Some plans will give you a six-month grace period to get a job and settle before you start making payments. It can be a little harder to get the treatment you need if you don’t have insurance or the money to pay for it out-of-pocket. However, it’s not impossible. Do you need help finding free, low-cost, or subsidized rehab programs? Contact us today at 772-266-5320 and let us help you find the resources you need.

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