What Are the Most Important Things to Know About Rehab Centers in South Florida?

After making the important decision to seek treatment at a rehab center, you’ll need to go on to the next step: what facility to choose. While no two rehab centers are exactly the same, you can expect most treatment programs to follow a similar routine that will encourage sobriety through detox and various treatments. 

As you begin your research for rehab centers, you should look for the one that will best meet your needs. Keep in mind that the right rehab center for you will customize your program to fit exactly what you are going through. You’ll also want to learn what each rehab facility expects of you during your time there. 

What is Expected of You During Recovery

As you go into recovery, keep the following things in mind: 

  • All programs require hard work. Despite what the media may make rehab centers out to be, going to a center for treatment is not at all a vacation. Yes, you’ll be away from the stressors of your daily life, but you still have a lot of work ahead of you. As you undergo treatment, you’ll go through therapy, support group meetings, medical treatment, recreational activities, and more. 
  •  You’ll be expected to adhere to the rules. Rehab centers put rules in place to ensure your safety, as well as the safety of everyone else. For this reason, certain items are not allowed into treatment programs. Though alcohol and drugs are at the top of the list of prohibited items. many rehab centers restrict electronics, personal items, and toiletries. Rehab centers use routine and structure to help individuals overcome addiction. In order to reinforce these new routines, certain distractions and accommodations aren’t allowed. 
  • It won’t be comfortable. Just as nothing worth doing in life comes easily, your recovery won’t always be comfortable. For the most part, especially at the beginning, you’ll feel very out of place, anxious, and even, at times, ready to discontinue treatment all together. It is important to recognize and accept these feelings, then move on from them. Even though treatment will be uncomfortable at times, you’re working towards a long-term goal: your sobriety. By keeping the bigger picture in mind, you’ll be able to encourage yourself to push through the most difficult parts of recovery.

What Treatment in a Rehab Center is Like

Other important things to consider when researching treatment in a South Florida rehab center are the type of treatments you’ll receive and what a day in the rehab center will be like. This will help you be better prepared to make the transition to life in the center. 

Rehab centers are very organized and structured. You can expect that therapy, counseling, support groups, and recreational activities will be apart of your experience. 

The following is a list of things you might experience during one day in a South Florida rehab center: 

  • Early Morning Meetings and Breakfast: As routine is very important to your treatment, most rehab centers start the day off with an early breakfast. Some rehab centers in South Florida begin the day with meditation and yoga classes. This routine serves to help you build healthier habits. Typically, a group session will follow breakfast. This will focus on participants finding clarity about certain issues and how to recognize certain behavioral patterns that fuel addiction. 
  • Afternoon Therapy Sessions: In the afternoon, you’ll likely experience more intensive treatment. After lunch, you may begin a series of various therapy sessions like individual behavioral therapy, group therapy, specialized therapy sessions, and family therapy. Each form of therapy is essential to helping you overcome your dependence and prepare for life after rehab. 
  •  Various Recreational Activities: One of the more compelling reasons to choose a South Florida rehab center is the environment. These centers are often located quite close to the beach and typically offer beach-related recreational activities. Many activities are held outdoors, such as beach volleyball, kayaking, paddle boarding, and the like. 

Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Rehab Center

As you prepare to make the decision of where you will seek treatment, keep in mind that you have many different options for recovery. There is no one way to become sober and you should keep that in mind as you look for your ideal treatment center. Even after making the decision to choose a Florida rehab center, you will find that there are many various methodologies different facilities use. 

It is important to understand that your road to recovery is your own, not anyone else’s. While you may have certain goals for your recovery, go at the pace that is right for you and avoid comparing your progress with that of anyone else. 

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