Will Florida Drug Rehabilitation Centers Really Help Drug Addiction?

By the time your addiction takes you into the abyss, you will hopefully realize you need to stop using and get help. No one wants to see you lose your perfectly good life to something as destructive as drugs or alcohol. 

When you do make the decision to seek help, it won’t take you long to realize your options are limited. Yes, the Internet is filled with a bunch of websites and experts who will tell you they have a self-help option that will help you stop your addiction in its tracks. You might even encounter a medical doctor or psychologist who will tell you they have a treatment option that works without you having to go through a prolonged treatment process. 

The truth is these types of options seldom work over the long-haul. What they all fail to do is address the root causes of the addiction, which creates a number of problems. How would manage to stay clean if the root causes still exist in your life and you don’t have the right coping skills to deal with those issues? The answer is you would probably struggle to manage your recovery, facing one relapse after another. 

Experience and time have pointed out one very important fact. Getting treatment from a professional addiction treatment center is the only viable option for someone who wants a realistic chance at a recovery that will last a lifetime. The question remains, does treatment from a Florida addiction treatment center really help? 

The Addiction Treatment Process in Rehab

Before addressing the effectiveness of treatment in a Florid rehab, an understanding of the treatment process seems in order. The reason rehab is so effective at treating addictions is because many of today’s top rehabs focus on a patient’s entire self, not just the base addiction. 

The rehab addiction process occurs in four steps:

  • In-take processing to determine extent of addiction
  • Detox – Give the patient an opportunity to get past their carvings and withdrawal without having to endure danger and discomfort 
  • Therapy and counseling – Patient goes on a journey of self-discovery, seeking to learn the truth about their addiction and how to cope with the personal issues that prompt self-medication 
  • Aftercare participation – Even after treatment has been completed, the average recovering addict needs additional support to stay on the path of recovery

At the end of the day, this process is effective for the following reasons:

  • Helps identify the patient’s personal issues
  • Teaches the patient about the value of support groups
  • Gives the patient information about the importance of leading a full life
  • Provides the patient with better coping skills

Identifying Personal Issues

Even when addicts claim they only used drugs for recreational purposes, there’s an underlying reason why they continue using despite the personal destruction they experience around themselves. Open and honest counseling sessions with a committed counselor will usually be effective in helping the patient to understand why they feel the need to escape reality via harmful substances. 

Value of Group Support

Most recovering addicts find it difficult to stay clean without help. In rehab, most patients are required to participate in group therapy sessions. The value of this process is derived as the patient realizes they are not alone and do have other people they can turn to who have similar issues and a common desire to stay clean. NA and AA exist for this very reason. 

Leading a Full Life

By the time most addicts make in into treatment, everything about their lives is in disarray. Through modern and holistic treatment options, patients can learn the value of maintaining their mental, emotional and physical health at the best levels possible. They might also pick up some new interests and hobbies along the way. 

Developing Bette Coping Skills

After identifying one’s triggers (personal issues), the patient will get the opportunity to develop better coping skills. These skills can be used to offset triggers and any temptations that might might otherwise interfere with the patient’s recovering on the outside. 

In short, yes, Florida addiction treatment centers have great success in turning out recovering addicts who go on to live incredible lives. For more information about out treatment programs, you can call us at 772-266-5320. It’s never too late to fight back against the cycle of addiction.

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