Will You Still Get the Same Quality Treatment in Holistic Addiction Treatment Centers?

What is a Holistic Addiction Treatment Center? 

One of the most trendy and successful types of rehab programs today are holistically based treatment programs. Holistic drug rehab centers are full of fun, health, and happiness as well as being a safe place to work on your issues. You may notice that meditation, massage, music, and art are a part of your treatment plan when you attend a holistic addiction treatment center. Using these outlets for self-expression is not fluff. You’ll learn to vent emotions as well as expressing yourself or relieving tensions while doing some of these activities. 

A holistic rehab remains a safe and secure place to get over a drug or alcohol addiction. In most holistic treatment centers, your feelings are an essential part of your recovery. The staff is caring and focused on your well-being. It’s a safe place for you to work out your mental and physical health issues with professionals such as counselors, doctors and other types of health care professionals who work together to help you rediscover your bodily and mental health. 

Holistic Rehabs are not Spas. 

While a holistic rehab looks a lot like a spa from the outside, once you enter its doors you’ll notice a difference right away. A comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment program remains a specialized program that equals or exceeds the best traditional drug or alcohol recovery centers. Plus, holistic drug centers use the needed and desired techniques of both eastern and western methods and medicine to enable their clients to become well once again. 

While some of the activities that occur in a holistic treatment program resemble some of the events in a spa, rest assured that serious work is happening at a holistic rehab. You’ll still have to do the work it takes to get down to your issues and get over your addiction. 

The First Step in Holistic Rehab 

To start your journey to sobriety, you’ll receive an assessment of yourself and your needs. You and your staff can determine what type of detox and program can be built to suit your specific needs. Be honest with the person who interviews you, so you can get set up in just the right type of program to suit your needs. 

Next, you’ll need insurance coverage, time set aside to recover, money for out of pocket expenses and, most importantly, you’ll need to be willing to participate in all phases of the individualized treatment plan created just for you. During your specialized treatment program, you’ll deal with every part of the reason that you started using drugs or drinking, and you’ll be given a wide range of options for recovering from these addictions. You’ll also need time to get off the drugs and alcohol that have taken control of your life. 

Holistic Rehab Philosophy 

A holistic philosophy of rehab acknowledges that your health situation and addiction are connected. A person has to be aware that they need to understand their mental, physical and spiritual condition and needs, as well as treat all of the illnesses that may be involved. 

Some of the things that a holistic rehab will look at are: 

• The food and chemicals you put in your body. 

• Your behaviors. 

• Your mental health. 

• Your spiritual well-being. 

• Your social health and relationships. 

• Issues you may be having biologically. 

If you’ve been drinking or using drugs for some time, you’ll also need to learn how to think more positively, how to feed your body the nutrition it needs to recover, and how to exercise to make your body stronger. You may also learn relaxation techniques that can keep you from having anxiety attacks and keep you calm instead of turning to drugs. 

Using a holistic treatment for your drug or alcohol problem deals with more than just the addiction. If you have a mental health issue like depression or anxiety that makes you want to use, you’ll have the opportunity to have a proper diagnosis made. Your mind will feel calmer, and you’ll be able to deal with the stress and the situation causing the pressure, too. Once you know yourself better, you’ll also be ready to begin to make amends to your family or friends that you’ve hurt with your behaviors as well as learning to live your life without substance abuse. 

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