How Do You Find a Treatment Center That Will Give You the Best Recovery Chances?

By the time you hit rock bottom, your addiction will have likely exacted a big toll in your life. Before things progress too far, we hope you’ll come to recognize you have a significant problem that’s going to require a significant solution. The best and perhaps the only way to arrest your addiction is by turning your life over to a reputable drug and alcohol treatment center. With help comes hope.

You don’t have to guess about it. The quality of care you receive for your addiction will go a long way in determining the quality of your recovery. You can ill-afford to spend time in a treatment facility that has a poor record of sending patients out the door only to see them return because of one relapse after another. The implication here is you can’t haphazardly go through the process of selecting a drug rehab facility and hope you have found the right solution. It’s a far better option to use the below suggestions to guide you through the process of finding a treatment center that will offer you the best chance for a lasting and full recovery.

Finding the Best Addiction Recovery Center

The single biggest mistake people make when they finally reach out for help with their addiction is running to the closest available drug rehab center. While convenience is certainly worthy of consideration, that should be the last box you check on your list of reasons why you chose a certain rehab facility. The truth is the closest rehab is likely the worst possible place to get treatment unless outpatient treatment is your only option.

As we have boldly stated what you should not do, we now want to offer you some information that will help you hone in on the right treatment option. To that end, here are four criteria you can use to find the rehab center that gives you the best chance for a lasting recovery:

  • Facility Reputation
  • Addiction treatment options in the offering
  • Amenities and Comfort
  • Access to aftercare options

Facility Reputation

In the addiction treatment community, reputation is everything. As a prospective patient, there are several ways you can find out about a particular facility’s reputation before you commit. In your area, there could be an addiction hotline. If the hotline has no affiliation with a particular rehab facility, they might be able to offer insight into the local treatment community. You might try going to a few 12-Step meetings and talking to people who have been through the treatment process. Also, local physicians and therapists might also be able to direct you to the best rehabs. What we know for sure is Florida is filled with top-rated rehab facilities. The region earned its worldwide reputation by providing innovative care that works the first time. If at all possible, you should strongly consider relocating to Florida for treatment.

Addiction Treatment Options

It’s been historically proven that the cookie-cutter approach to addiction treatment is not effective. The reality is every patient has unique circumstances that demand unique solutions. You want to align yourself with a treatment organization that offers a wide range of treatment options. From a larger selection, there’s a high likelihood they will have a custom treatment option that will best suit your personal needs. You should consider places that offer various therapy programs, evidence-based treatment modalities, and holistic treatment options.

Amenities and Comfort

If you are going to require inpatient care, the facility and environment are important considerations. This is where you are going to live for the next 30-90 days or more. Money is going to dictate what you can afford, but you should aim your sights on a rehab facility that offers top quality amenities and recreational options. A homey environment will likely keep you comfortable.

Access to Aftercare Options

When treatment has concluded, your recovery has only begun. To protect you against potential relapses, we highly recommend you remain diligent and participate in aftercare programs. A good rehab facility is going to help you get involved in such programs. The number and quality of resources a place has to offer matters.

If you have an addiction, you need to treat it as a deadly serious issue. We certainly will. As you contemplate where to get treatment, we encourage you to give us all due consideration. We check all the above boxes and we want to make a difference. You can contact us at 772-266-5320.

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